See MountainCity Practice Live

At home with Dave and Tara Powers

MountainCity went live on Facebook last week while they were practicing for an upcoming concert. Check out the music from their dining room.


Dave would like to thank his sponsor, Shubb Capos

Here is what Dave says about Shubb:

“Out of all the capos I’ve tried in more than 25 years of playing guitar, Shubb Capos are the best. I’m blown away to be a part of the Shubb Family of Artists! I’ve literally had the same Shubb capo for over 20 years and it’s still rockin’! Serious quality, man! And, they are made in the good ol’ U.S.A., which I dearly love!

“If you’re looking for a capo for your guitar, ukulele, Dobro, or banjo, check out Shubb Capos! They’ve got some really cool accessories in addition to capos as well! Here’s their website:”

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