Become a Friend of MOUNTAINCITY

We are pleased to announce premium monthly membership opportunities for our friends (old and new)! We want to pour into you regarding relationships, marriage, love, forgiveness, pursuing your dreams, how to process loss and develop a healthy soul. We will be sharing the behind the scenes stories of our songs, recordings, and MUCH more! 

When you subscribe, you will receive special gifts, access to our brand new podcasts, blogs, vlogs, private online concerts, and the list goes on and on! 

But we're only releasing these resources to this group. We want to add value to your life and we need your partnership so we can continue to write, record, and release fresh music! It's a win-win! 🙂


Thanks so much for your consideration! 

We hope to grow in friendship with you! 


– Dave and Tara 😊

MountainCity Friends Subscriptions


– We will email you links to download our ENTIRE song catalog! 28 songs and counting!

– You’ll have a chance to be among the first to listen and download our new songs and videos!

– Special Access to the Private “ MC Friends” Area of our website with exclusive podcasts, blogs, vlogs, etc! This is where you'll hear our heart and thoughts on relationships, marriage, love, forgiveness, how to develop a healthy soul, etc.


(Plus Everything in $8/month Level)

– We will email you Chord Charts and Lyric Sheets to all our songs.
– You will get access to our Monthly Private Live Streaming Concerts on our Website.
– We will snail-mail you physical CD’s of our first 2 Albums, along with a commemorative MOUNTAINCITY postcard. It's like Christmas all over again!


(Plus Everything in $15/month Level)

– We want to put pen to paper and mail you a Handwritten note, gushing our gratitude all over you! Tara's signature alone will be worth millions in a few years! (she doesn't know that I wrote this… she's probably going to make me take it down… we'll see how long it lasts! HA!)
– You will have access to all past live online concerts.
– We have some pretty cool wood-grain-ish sunglasses that we want to send you, along with a signed photo of us. Fricken heck yeah!


(Plus Everything in $24/month Level)

– We are going to drive by the store, pick up a frame, and create a unique, handwritten lyric sheet of the song of your choice. And then we're going to mail it to you!

– You know what else we're going to mail to you? 1 MOUNTAINCITY T-Shirt for your daily use and pleasure.

– Check this out: You'll get 2 Tickets to any PUBLIC Live MOUNTAINCITY Concert PER MONTH. Per month, people!!

– We want to record a personal Thank You video just for you! So we will!

– We'll set up a time to sing you a song and talk with you for a few minutes via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts!


(Plus Everything in $45/month Level)

– When's your birthday? Because we want to record a personal Happy Birthday video, just for you!
– We're going to mail you one of our Handcrafted Leather Journals to your doorstep and/or mailbox and/or PO Box. And it will probably smell of tanned cow hide… at least that's our hope.
– You will receive credit in our next Music Video! #VidCred
– After you are enrolled for in the $100 subscription for 9 Months, we will write 1 Customized love song for you or someone you love! We’ll record it on our iPhone and send you the chord chart and lyrics. Your own song. COME ON!!!

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