We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that subscription options are now available for our friends and fans! 

When you subscribe, you will receive exclusive access to our brand new blogs, videos, podcast episodes, music downloads, and unreleased music! Plus, you'll get some special gifts from us! 😀🙌

Our heart is to pour into your relationships and marriages, whether you are currently married or want to be someday! We shine a light on love, forgiveness, pursuing your dreams, processing loss, developing a healthy soul, etc. We also share the behind the scenes stories of our songs, interview some amazing people, and much more! 

But we're only releasing these resources to our subscribers, so if any of this is striking a chord in you, scroll down and check out the different options and their perks!

We would be HONORED to have you join us! 😀


– Dave & Tara (MOUNTAINCITY) 


ps. All of our subscribers help us fund the creative process to release new music. We've decided not to go the “record label" route, which typically provides funding for artists in exchange for ownership of their music and the majority of control over the types of songs they release, what they do, where they go, etc. Instead, we dreamed up some ways that we can invest in YOU and created some opportunities for you to help us! Win/Win! 

Thanks so much for your consideration! 🙂


– Download our ENTIRE song catalog! 40+ songs and counting! Sure, you can stream our music on Spotify, etc, but that’s not the same as owning it! Annnnnd, we’ve included 10+ songs that aren’t released ANYWHERE! 😀

– Be among the first to listen and download our newest songs and videos!

– Special Access to the Private “Friends Only” Area of our website with exclusive blogs, vlogs, podcasts, downloads, etc! (This is where you'll hear our heart and thoughts on relationships, marriage, love, forgiveness, processing loss, developing a healthy soul, etc.)



(Plus EVERYTHING in the previous option)

– A pair of tickets to (1) MOUNTAINCITY Concert, PER YEAR (as long as they are public performances).
You will get 25% off of our MOUNTAINCITY shop, permanently! Well, for as long as you remain a subscriber… 😉
– Chord Charts and Lyric Sheets to all our songs.

– You'll receive physical CD’s of our first 2 Albums, along with a commemorative MOUNTAINCITY postcard. It's like Christmas all over again!
– When's your birthday? We want to record a personal Happy Birthday video, just for you!


(Plus EVERYTHING in all previous options)

– We write music all the time! But we don't release all of the songs right away. Sometimes it takes years…. We'll let you hear some of the songs that we haven’t released yet! Exclusive access, baby!! 
– Pick out a MOUNTAINCITY mug of your choice and we'll mail it to you! (We make sure to drink out of each and every mug we ship out…. jk….. or….. are we???? MWAHAHAHAHA
– A pair of t
ickets to (2) MOUNTAINCITY Concerts, PER YEAR (as long as they are public performances).


(Plus EVERYTHING in all previous options)

– Here’s something FUN and mysterious: A few times a year, we will randomly send you MOUNTAINCITY stuff in the mail! Hmmm…. we wonder what you’ll find inside the mystery box????

– We'll also send you MOUNTAINCITY T-Shirt! Pick one out from our shop and we'll send it to your home!

– We'll schedule a time to sing you a few songs and talk with you for a few minutes via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts! Your very own private mini-concert! 


(Plus EVERYTHING in all previous options)

DATE NIGHT BOX: Each month, we will send you a MOUNTAINCITY Date Night Box filled with all kinds of goodies, ideas, and engaging questions that will stimulate conversation and storytelling! THIS IS PRETTY DANG COOL!
– A handwritten note from us which will gush our gratitude all over you! *Tara’s signature alone will be worth millions in a few years! (she doesn’t know that I wrote this… she’s probably going to make me take it down… we’ll see how long it lasts! HA!)
– After you are subscribed at this level for 9 Months, we will write 1 customized song for you or someone you love! We’ll record it on our iPhone and send you the chord chart and lyrics… Your own song… how many people can say that????