Dave and Tara Reflect on #ItsChristmasTime Concert (with a lot of photos)


Looking back with joy! #ItsChristmasTime

(Brighton, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Saturday night was MountainCity’s annual Christmas Concert, #ItsChristmasTime in Brighton, CO. There are so many things to share, we are going to have to do two posts…at least!  🙂

For now though, we’ve got a photo gallery to share, along with our thanks to the concert’s sponsors, plus Dave Powers reflecting on his favorite parts of the evening.

These are a few of my favorite things...” -It’s Christmas Time* by Dave Powers

Enjoy 80+ photographs from our friend Scott Hamilton (@Hey_Scotty_Ray).

Scott captured so much of the joy of the evening with some great crowd shots and glimpses behind the scenes, too. Click on the gallery to open and view! You might even see yourself! Share this post with your friends and family who came!

Thanks to the world’s most amazing sponsors!

Before you leave this post, please look at our sponsor’s list at the bottom. These great businesses sponsored our “It’s Christmas Time” concert and if you get the chance to thank them, do! If you’re looking for the best businesses to support and use, please check them out. Click on a few links and get acquainted with them. Thank you in advance!

Dave shared some things he loved about the concert

We caught up with Dave Powers following MountainCity’s It’s Christmas Time concert last Saturday night at The Armory Center for the Performing Arts, Brighton, Colorado. He told us the things that touched him most deeply about the evening.

Dave and Tara Powers

Dave and Tara Powers

“Aside from the AMAZING friends and family that were there, I had two very impactful flashbacks during the concert itself.

The first one came early in the show. I was standing behind Tara, playing music lightly on my guitar as she poured out her heart to the audience about living life intentionally.

I believe the phrase she used was, ‘Life is a gift, but living is a choice.’ Wow! Right then, I had a flashback to about 5 years ago. I was praying one day and saw a picture of Tara in my mind’s eye, standing in the light at the front of a stage with a microphone in her hand. I was standing behind her, playing guitar, smiling ear to ear while she did her thing!

Dave is having a moment as Tara speaks

Dave is having a moment as Tara speaks

The very thing I saw 5 years ago happened on December 3, 2016 at our 2nd Annual MountainCity Christmas Concert! I could not be more thankful, pleased, and proud of Tara Jean Powers!

The second flashback came about half way through the show. My dear friend, Rex Brandt, was sitting in the front row, representing his company, Allstate, who was a sponsor for the concert this year! I was right in the middle of playing a song, when I looked over, made eye contact with him, and was whisked back 15 years in my memory.

Rex was a very impactful mentor of mine as I was growing up. When I was 20 years old, he said something like, ‘Dave, have you ever thought of doing music as a profession?’ 

‘Nope, I’ve never had that thought.’ I said. I had been planning on pursuing a career in the chiropractic or massage therapy fields, and music felt way off the beaten pathway of my thinking!

‘Well, you should think about it man!’ is what Rex told me.

Man, I am so thankful for his words and advice throughout the years! What an incredible difference it has made in my life! Thanks Rex!

Hunter, the CEO and owner of Glasses and Glowsticks

Hunter, the CEO and owner of Glasses and Glow Sticks

Our son, Hunter, is a young entrepreneur. He is 12 years old and started his first company (Glasses & Glowsticks) two years ago. We are SO PROUD of him! Hunter worked really hard, set up his table, and sold nerd glasses and glow sticks like crazy all night long. And, as a result of the generosity of our friends and family, he made more money than I did that night! Sheesh!!! A very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who supported Hunter’s business and his dream! WOW!!!”

Kai with his daddy

Kai with his daddy before the show. Photo by Scott Hamilton.

We are posting again tomorrow and next week with more photos (some taken by our Facebook and Instagram friends), some short video clips from the concert and responses from people who attended. Be sure to LIKE MountainCity on Facebook if you haven’t already for more up-to-the-minute updates and announcements!

#It’sChristmasTime #MountainCityMusic SPONSORS :: Thank you!

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We’d also like to thank Western Stone, and Morningstar Builders (www.mscbi.com, 303-659-0702) for their sponsorship of the concert!

Merry Christmas from MountainCity!

*Find MountainCity’s recent releases including Dave’s Christmas song, It’s Christmas Time on the MountainCity website. SHOP HERE

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