Fun Year-end Numbers for MountainCity

MountainCity has been streamed 2,832,342 minutes on Spotify in 2017!

Dave and Tara Powers, Christmas 2018

(Denver, CO)   If you’re a MountainCity friend or fan, you’ll enjoy the statistics Spotify has provided for MountainCity, especially when you know you’re helping make it happen!

Spotify is how people listen to music these days. As a user-driven streaming service, Spotify is not only the best way to discover new music, but they’ve made it easy to create playlists of the music you love most. You can also explore playlists compiled by other users and music labels while you’re at it.

Spotify for Artists provides bands and artists with specific information about their listeners.

MountainCity just got their year-end wrap-up stats from Spotify with these fun insights:

The Love’s Gonna Find You EP was streamed 456,245 times between November 24, 2017 and Christmas Day

MountainCity’s Christmas EP, released on Black Friday (November 24, 2017) was streamed 456,245 times leading up to Christmas.

Listeners described MountainCity’s music as chill, romantic, folk, young, best, wedding, acoustic and love on their playlist descriptions.

MountainCity’s unique monthly listeners

MountainCity is  enjoying a growing monthly audience, with a current unique, monthly listener base of more than 200,000 Spotify users.

MountainCity music was streamed for 2.832.342 minutes in 2017!

But the really fun stat is that “Your fans spent quality time with you,” according to Spotify.  And did they ever! MountainCity’s music was streamed for 2,832,342 minutes in 2017.

To put that in perspective, 2.8 million minutes is a cumulative 11 years (eleven years!) of round-the-clock, 24-7 listening!

MountainCity’s music, Christmas and otherwise, currently appears on more than 30,000 playlists across the streaming site.

More music for MountainCity fans

Dave and Tara Powers will be in the recording studio in January working on their latest original song, Try Again. It will be released in February.

MountainCity, the married, singing-songwriting duo, will be touring in Florida March 10-25, 2018.

For the month of April, the band will travel extensively through ten states, with concert dates in  Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

Finally, a tour in the Pacific Northwest is being put together for the month of June.

“If people want to book us for a house show or a private live song concert somewhere in one of those states, they should shoot me an email at,” Dave said.

Thanks for listening to and sharing MountainCity music.  (–Jeanie Rhoades)


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