Hearts Collide – MountainCity’s Valentine’s Day Release

You’re my steady, like the morning sun

That rises in the east to greet the day.

And you’re my rock, the one I’m standing on,

Just like the rugged Rocky Mountain peaks”

Hearts Collide was released in two versions on Valentine’s Day 2017; album cover artwork by Stormie Rhoades

(Denver, Co – Valentine’s Day 2017)  Like the strike of a match, Tara’s sultry-sweet vocal comes out of nowhere to ignite MountainCity’s most intimate and sensuous ballad to date, Hearts Collide.

This singing-songwriting duo has produced an almost weightless melody, expressed by languid guitars and a haunting synth, to a gently pulsing rhythm with imagery and strong symbolism resembling that found in the biblical Song of Songs.

Since the dawn of time, poets and philosophers have sought to describe passionate love. Dave and Tara have borrowed from their own story, as married lovers, to express the movement and sway of two whose hearts ultimately, actually have, become one.

There is an easy ebb and flow, a give and take, and a wildly romantic reciprocity at work in this song.

The rich, metaphoric language is borne of their own life experience, like love letters over time. “When I thought of my marriage,” Tara explained, “I wanted to symbolize something you can always count on, a daily occurrence that brings light and joy.”

From that place, the lyrics of the first verse begin, “You’re my steady, like the morning sun, that rises in the east to greet the day.” 

She went on to say that the line, “when my soul needs oxygen,” was her way of expressing how Dave’s love and affirmation gives her soul life, like the breath she needs to live, when she has been feeling low or like she isn’t enough.

One of the imageries they called on in Hearts Collide is literal for them as a couple. Dave and Tara, while on their honeymoon, had each other’s names tattooed on their ring fingers, barely visible beneath their wedding bands. Tara says she loves having his name on her skin, and seeing hers on his. “It brings a warmth, a knowing and a safe feeling in our relationship.”

It’s your name I have tattooed upon my skin,

Ooo-oh, your lips meet mine

Ooo-oh, our skin combines

Ooo-oh, fingers and souls intertwine

Just you and me, our hearts collide”

Dave told us this was the fastest song they’ve ever recorded, but almost the longest they’ve spent time editing. He kids about the imagery-packed song of love between a married couple, “Lips, fingers, and souls, and boom! [insert laugh]. “This song evokes the most response of all the songs we do live,” Dave said. “And we really enjoy it!”

The band is outstanding, as always, from bare bones guitar, to layer upon layer of lush instrumentation. And the mix? Perfection under Mike Binder’s skilled and thoughtful attention.

Liner Notes: Hearts Collide (3:26)

Written by: Tara and Dave Powers

Music: Tara and Dave Powers

Lyrics: Tara and Dave Powers

Arranged by: Tara and Dave Powers

Produced by: Tara and Dave Powers

Mixed by: Mike Binder

Published by: Ours Is my Favorite Music

From the album: Hearts Collide


  • Erik Johnson: Drums
  • Nathan Phillips: Bass Guitar
  • Charles Ciepiel: Keys
  • Dave Powers: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, drums
  • Tara Powers: Vocals
  • Mike Binder: Electric Guitar, sound design, percussion

An instrumental version of Hearts Collide was also released today. Both versions are available for purchase on iTunes and on the website, and can be heard wherever you stream music. Purchase HERE.

A remix version is in the works and expected to be released in April.

(posted by Jeanie Rhoades)

Artwork, Stormie Rhoades


Special Thanks from the band to all of our AMAZING family and friends that helped make our Kickstarter campaign a success, making this recording possible!

Extra special THANK YOU to Mona Rosene / Mike and Robin Kinney / Judd and Eldeen Pickett / Daniel and Christina Miles / Lydia Kurniawan / Dobsy and Alex Hogg / Emily Carlson / Lani and Don Dolifka / Tom and Sara Walsh / Steve and Joyce Schafer / Matt Young / Justin and Autumn Williams / Simon and Clare Jones / Jim and Kelly Roos / Wayne Pyle / Hannah and Jake Weidmann / Osana, Cheryl and Danny Jackson / Linda Sue Head / Rebecca Pettigrew / Harry Lozinski! You all are INCREDIBLE!!! – MountainCity

And thanks to everyone who buys our songs and shares our music!


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