How MountainCity Chose Songs for the Christmas EP, Part 2

Want the backstage scoop on MountainCity’s Christmas EP?

CD — Front cover

(Denver, CO)  MountainCity released its’ new Love’s Gonna Find You EP, on Black Friday in time for Christmas-music season.

While their first Christmas offering is not a full-length, long-play recording (typically 10-12 songs), it is fuller than a regular extended-play (EP, usually about 5 songs), boasting 7 songs. Or you could say 7 ½ songs, if you count the Christmas carol tucked in at the end of the Colorado Christmas cover. Dave and Tara jokingly called it a “chunky EP” or “a very thin CD.”

The band managed to create an album crossing musical genres, holiday love songs in the moods and styles we have come to expect from their mix-tape, love song style.

“We wanted to release a CD that feels like a mix of songs,” Tara said. “Each song carries a different tempo, change of sound and emotion.”

Winter Wonderland

The EP begins with a lively version of the lover’s classic, Winter Wonderland. When choosing songs from their ever-growing Christmas song repertoire, Dave and Tara Powers, MountainCity’s married duo, chose to kick it off with an upbeat tune, adding some horns for fun.

“We chose this song because it depicts romantic love and it’s so singable,” Tara told us. “We just love the arrangement. It’s the shortest song on the album coming in at 2 minutes and 14 seconds. It is such a fun and bouncy Christmas tune and we enjoyed recording it.”

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas makes two appearances on the EP. It’s not only the sixth track, featuring Tara’s slightly jazzy, soft and sweet version of one of the most-recorded Christmas songs of all time. But Dave mentions Tara singing that song onstage, by name, in his original, It’s Christmas Time (5th track on the EP).

“We had to choose this song,” Tara says. “It is one of our all-time favorites at Christmas. I think it’s a timeless, sweeping, ravishing, amazing song,” she said. “We had a terrific band play on this song this year and it truly helped keep the arrangement timeless.”

“I love how it speaks about meeting with friends and family because that is truly part of what living is all about.”

Originally performed by Judy Garland in the 1944 musical, Meet Me in St. Louis, this song is one of the top two performers for MountainCity on Spotify, currently. In just over two weeks, Tara’s version of this classic song has been streamed more than 103,000 times.

Dave and Tara Powers: MountainCity

That Spirit of Christmas

“Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation,” Dave asks, “when Chevy Chase gets locked up in the attic and puts on women’s gloves and a hat and watches old family movies? It’s hilarious.”

“It’s a great scene,” Tara adds. “It’s funny, but you want to cry every time.”

“It is great,” Dave says. “And this song is what is playing in the background on that scene. So we love it.”

That Spirit of Christmas is a Ray Charles cover song for MountainCity, featuring Dave bringing the blue-eyed soul to this holiday collection.”

“I’ve known this song my whole life,” Tara told us. “And when Dave decided to add that to our Christmas shows for the past several years, we got so much feedback. We hear over and over how much people enjoy it.”

“It’s a song that evokes an emotional response because of the words and the melody. I love it because Dave can do the craziest and most beautiful runs with that soulful voice of his,” Tara says with obvious pride in her talented husband.

Other listeners must resonate with this iconic Ray Charles tune, as well. It’s been purchased on iTunes, the MountainCity website (and other music platforms) and has streamed more than 110,000 times on Spotify alone.

You may listen to or purchase the EP by digital download HERE. You may stream the Love’s Gonna Find You EP on Spotify HERE.

Physical CDs are available for purchase through the MountainCity Facebook shop, CLICK HERE.

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Liner notes HERE.


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