“It’s Christmas Time” Concert Scheduled with special guest, Dave Beegle

Christmas is coming early for MountainCity fans. Tickets are already on sale for their annual Christmas Concert and here are the details:

xmastime mountaincity

You’re invited to MountainCity’s “It’s Christmas Time” Concert

  • On Saturday December 3, 2016 at 7 o’clock pm
  • At The Armory Performing Arts Center, 300 Strong Street, Brighton, CO
  • Tickets available at: www.mountaincity.eventbrite.com  $15 online, $20 at the door

Christmas concert featuring Dave Beegle


MountainCity is excited to share the stage this year with Dave Beegle, as their special guest. Guitar Magazine has called him a “one-man guitar army,” while Guitars.com said, “Dave Beegle has got to be the most criminally underdiscovered guitarist in the instrumental rock genre.” He’s been called “a guitarist’s guitarist,” and is going to take this Christmas concert to a whole new level of merry!

Dave Beegle’s talent speaks for itself. Check out this video or search him on YouTube to see him in action.

The Q & A

We caught up with MountainCity’s Dave and Tara Powers to get the insider scoop on the upcoming Christmas concert. Despite the many festivities available in the Denver metro area during the holiday season, MountainCity’s previous Christmas productions have sold out as fans and families gather to enjoy what is always a thoughtfully entertaining, sparkly, warm evening, adorned with tradition and talented guests, yet presented in creative fresh ways. Here is what they had to say:

Q: You two, and all of the MountainCity band members, are busy with families and businesses on the side. Why do you choose to put together a full-scale production between Thanksgiving and Christmas annually?

Dave and Tara, in unison: We LOVE Christmas!

Dave: We decided that an annual Christmas concert is a great way to get our local fans together.

Tara: We love getting to create an evening of relaxation and fun for people to help kick off their Christmas season.


[Mountain City performing at their 2015 Christmas Concert]

Q: The theme this year is “It’s Christmas Time.” Where did that come from?

Tara: Dave wrote a Christmas song last year about some of our favorite parts of Christmas and he called it, “It’s Christmas Time,” so we named this year’s concert after the song.

Dave: Some of the concert production will actually reflect parts of the lyrics to the song.

Q: The two of you both obviously love Christmas, can you tell us why?

Tara: I love the music, obviously, the sights, the smells, giving gifts, celebration and family! My Dad has always loved and kept the Spirit of Christmas alive for our family. He is our own, “Clark Griswold.” I think of him when I think of Christmas.

Dave: There are some cultural things and, more notably, spiritual things that I really enjoy about Christmas!  The year I got my first bicycle for Christmas was memorable! It was a DiamondBack…ohhh baby…gratefulness poured forth, adventures were initiated, dreams kindled! Christmas was magical!

Q: What are some of your favorite moments from past Christmas concerts?

Tara: I remember our first year. Dave and I had helium balloons onstage and we inhaled the helium so we could sing an entire Chipmunk Christmas song! Last year we had a full gospel choir on stage and they rocked the house!

Q: Besides the inimitable Dave Beegle, give us some backstage secrets. What are some things we might get to experience at this year’s concert?

Dave: Yes! The inimitable Dave Beegle will be joining us!

Tara: Christmas has so many beautiful traditions and we like to keep those alive in choosing our songs for the evening. Creatively, we like to make the songs and activities we do come alive in a new way, even if you have heard the song a million times before.

Dave: There will be concessions available, chestnuts roasting, and coffee available for purchase, as well as men’s and women’s MountainCity shirts for $15 each – to help you with your Christmas gift giving. [smile]

Tara: I do not like to give away our surprises, but I will tell you that we plan to surprise all of your senses. And we’ll be serving milk and cookies after the concert.

Q: Anything else people should know?

Dave: Oh, and, for the first time ever, we’ll be selling MountainCity CDs! One will be the full band recordings and remixes CD, and the other will be the instrumental and instrumental remixes CD. We’re selling them that night for the first time at $10 each or 2/$17! We’ll release more information about the CDs soon.

Tara: Tickets are probably going to sell out, so we encourage you to get yours early! TICKETS, click here.

If you’re excited about the MountainCity Christmas concert, be sure to use the social media buttons below to share the news with your friends, family and followers! Start planning now to join us because, It’s Christmas Time!  (Denver, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)


Dave Powers is a Grosh Guitars artist. Thanks to Grosh for their sponsorship. Click the image to check them out!


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