It’s Christmas Time

Dave wrote a Christmas song 2 years ago. I have to tell you that it is SERIOUSLY difficult to write a Christmas song because there are so many traditional songs that are so good and it feels like all of the songs that could be written about the short season have already been written. I have yet to write one, myself. I have tried multiple times and the magic just hasn’t quite hit me yet.

He decided to write about what sights and sounds make the season feel like Christmas to him.

The song that he wrote is called, It’s Christmas Time. Below is a link to listen to the song and the lyrics too.

Listen Here!



When Amy and Vince tell about their grown-up Christmas list

And Whitney blows your mind in, “O Holy Night”Ray starts singin’ and Kenny’s horn starts ringin’

And I, I realize it’s Christmas Time


When Harryand Michael start to croon those classic Christmas tunes

Chipmunks harmonize about a missin’ “toof” Brad starts strummin’ all my blues fly away

And I, I realize it’s Christmas Time


The sights, the sounds, the lights on the trees These are a few ofmy favorite things

The sights, the sounds, the lights on the trees These are a few of my favorite things, it’s Christmas Time


Kenny and Dolly, and don’t forget John Denver Elvis and Garth singin’ songs we all remember Celine and Andre doing their prayer duet Bing and Nat help us never to forget, it’s Christmas Time


When our boys change the words to good old Jingle Bells Batman smells and Robin’s layin’ eggs

Tara sings “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”on the stage I realize it’s Christmas Time