Kickstarting some Mischief!

MountainCity Kickstarter

About 3 years ago, an adoption advocacy group contacted us and asked if we could play some love songs during the meal portion of the Fundraiser they were putting on. Tara and I were STOKED about the invitation, went down to Parker, CO, and had a blast playing and singing love songs together! It was such a blast that we drove/bounced down the interstate after it was done, chattering away at how much fun we had! We told some friends about the experience, and they said, “What if we rent out a venue and you can do it again?” We did, and about 180 friends packed into this 155 Max capacity venue in a suburb of Denver… soooooo glad the fire department didn’t show up… yikes. Anyway, that was one of the coolest nights of our lives, and it inspired us to continue putting on concerts. 

As we turned the corner into 2015, Tara and I felt like we needed to start creating space to write love songs, so we took about 15 days throughout the year to write and emerged with a bunch songs that we are pretty fond of! We also began feeling like we needed to start a band and approach this more intentionally, so at our “Colorado Christmas Concert” on December 2, 2015, we announced that our new band, MountainCity, was launching and we invited the 300+ friends in the room onto this journey with us! MountainCity has a singer/songwriter vibe with influences of folk, pop, country, and a little EDM! #Delightful!

Starting on June 1, 2015, we plan to release our first of 12 songs. Then, we plan to release 1 song per month for the remaining eleven months, thus the Project Title is: “MountainCity Mischief”. 🙂

Tara, Jon, Charles, Nathan, and I would like to invite you to partner with us in this part of our story! We are aiming our art toward creating environments where people who are stressed can be refreshed a bit, and where people that have temporarily lost sight of what love is can encounter it in fresh ways. We will be doing house concerts, concert venues, festivals, and the occasional fundraiser/corporate event. We definitely can’t pull this off alone, so we’d like to invite you to join us! Check out all of the fun rewards that come with your partnership too! There’s some cool stuff in there!

Thanks for your time and consideration! Together, we might just help bring some light and love to people that really need it!

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