MountainCity Hosted The Powers on a Special FB Live

The Powers, Life of We

(Denver, COJeanie Rhoades)  MountainCity’s Dave and Tara Powers welcomed special musical guests, Dan and Shelley Powers (aka The Powers), on a special Facebook Live Tuesday night (instead of the regularly scheduled Wednesday night live stream on Facebook).

The Powers kicked off with their single, “Honey,” from their recently-released Life of We CD. It was written for the couple’s children, when they only had three. They now have five. They said the inspiration for the CD was “life, lots of life,” and the idea behind this particular song is just “loving your kids.” You can listen to “Honey” on Spotify or at their website,

Besides being first cousins to Dave and Tara, Dan and Shelley Powers are officially an indie-folk, singer-songwriter group based in Coeur D’alene, Idaho. But during the Live program on Tuesday, there was some humorous discussion about their actual genre.

Dave was trying to clarify their style and asked, “[You’re a] husband and wife duo, kind of like some indie, folk, country type stuff?

Shelley told him they’d been trying to figure that out. Their band, among other instruments, includes acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, fiddle and even a glockenspiel.

Dan piped up, “Alternative. It’s alternative….just with less guitars…and anger.” Everyone laughed.

A few more possibilities like alternative folk and indie country were offered up and then they performed a rousing rendition of “The Raccoon Song,” a hand-clapping, toe-tapping, high energy, folk-dance number about what Dan had called “a creepy raccoon” dreamed up by him and his brother.

The Powers (Dan and Shelley Powers), Honey

Shelley led on a beautiful cover of Willie Nelson’s, “On the Road Again.”

Her fresh-country voice masterfully breaks from rich, warm and full to a subtle, tender high then back again seamlessly. It was an extraordinary cover of the country classic, slower and more thoughtful. Tara remarked, “I personally like your version better.”

Their final song on the Facebook Live stream was “Love Will Get Us Through” It’s a touching song that was written for a family in Idaho who had lost their 4-year old daughter in a tragic accident.

Dan shares that their own daughter was four at the time, so even though they didn’t know the family personally, it really impacted him.  They wrote the song as a cry for hope out of the pain of the situation. They called it “Love Will Get Us Through,” because that is what the little girl’s 9-year old brother had said. They were later asked to sing it at a memorial for the family.

Dan and Shelley say it’s still a hard song to sing. It begins prayerfully, with reflection, but soon becomes a powerful, anthemic song, a passionate pouring out of the anguish and calling on the hope and love that will, indeed, make a way for those in the most tragic circumstances to go on.

As the FB Live stream came to a close, Tara recalled the first time she and Dave sang a love song onstage was opening for Dan and Shelley at a show in 2011, long before Dave and Tara ever knew they would someday start a band and become Mountain City. She said they sang a Keith Urban song and both thought it was so much fun. Here they are 5 years later, also singing and recording and she thanked The Powers for the part they played in setting them on their course.

Watch the Facebook Live here:


Life of We CD available for purchase

Life of We CD, 12 songs. Purchase for $15 + shipping and handling by direct-messaging The Powers on their Facebook page. CLICK HERE.

You can also find The Powers music on Youtube, Spotify, their website and Facebook.

Dave highly encourages all MountainCity fans to head over to The Powers’s Facebook page to LIKE and SHARE their music.  “These two are some of my favorite people on the planet,” he said. The admiration and respect between these two husband-wife duos and cousins is evident.

Next Week

MountainCity’s weekly Facebook Live broadcast returns to Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm MST on January 4, 2017. Be sure to join Dave and Tara as they come to you live from the Franklin Strap headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dave and Tara have been streaming from both their personal Facebook profile page and MountainCity’s, but plan to begin using only the MountainCity page. LIKE it and watch the weekly FB Live HERE.


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