MountainCity Released New Song “Growing Old with You” to kick off 2017

(Denver, COJeanie Rhoades)  The first order of business in 2017 for Colorado-based band, MountainCity, was to release their brand new, original, “Growing Old with You” on January 1st.

This tender, reflection-filled ballad, features Tara’s smooth, rich vocals interwoven with Dave’s notably restrained harmonies. The warmth and depth of the background instrumentals, including Dave’s short guitar bridge, provide space for the expressive lyrics to shine. They paint a picture of both the highs and the lows of growing old in love. There’s a twinkle of humor in the song and the momentary pang of the memories of loss wrapped up in the melody.

“We said that we would choose each other all the way.
Didn’t we just make that promise yesterday?”


On one of Dave and Tara’s regularly scheduled songwriting days, they had been contemplating the idea of couples growing old together.

Tara says, “I had been thinking of all the songs and Hallmark cards and movies that use that idea, ‘I want to grow old with you.’ But as I sat in our living room writing, we had been married for almost 13 years by then, I suddenly realized, I am growing old with with this man!”

As she began to think about how quickly life speeds by, she crafted lyrics to reflect the life they have had so far.

We’ve lived a lot of life in thirteen years,” Tara said. “Things have gone our way and there are things that have not gone our way. We have had kids, we’ve gone through the baby stages and growing years and one is now as tall me. We’ve bought a house, and just all the things you do as you live and are in relationship with some one.”

“And because Dave and I are growing old together, the chorus talks about the wrinkles around my eyes from laughing with you, from crying with you.”

“I am growing old with you. There’s wrinkles round’ my eyes
From all the laughter and the tears that you and I have cried.”

“One of the things that really zinged my heart big time when she first showed me the song,” Dave added, “was that it says, we’ve had dreams that have come true and then there are dreams that ‘we’ve kissed goodbye.’ And, I think in life, you have those high moments when you have those dreams and they come true and it’s like, yes! And then you’ve got those moments where they get smashed on the rocks of life. And you can’t really make sense of it. And you go through suffering and depression and all kinds of stuff like that as a result of broken dreams.”

“They say, you start looking like each other when you age.
Didn’t we just start this journey? Turn the page…”

“We’ve had both,” Dave continued. “But there have been a few constants, and one of those was each other. She was strong when I wasn’t and when she felt weak, I was strong and I got to hold her up. So, the relationship of growing old together is a real sweet thing.”

“It is,” Tara added her agreement.

“I am growing old with you. I can see it in my smile.
From all the dreams we’ve seen come true and the ones we’ve kissed goodbye, and the ones we’ve kissed goodbye,
and the dreams we’ve kissed… goodbye.”


Growing Old With You is available to purchase on the MountainCity website (purchases are actually made through Bandcamp, and that is the best way to support MountainCity). It is also available on i-Tunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

MountainCity welcomes your feedback and appreciates the reviews you leave on iTunes! 

Released January 1, 2017, Mountain City original, Growing Old with You

Growing Old with You, the deets [4:22]

Music and lyrics: Dave and Tara Powers

Arranged by: Dave and Tara Powers

Produced by: Dave and Tara Powers

Mixed and Mastered by: Dave Wilton at Coalesce Audio Recording Studio: recordingstudio/

Published by: Ours Is My Favorite Music

From the album: Growing Old With You

Photo by: Alicia Lewin: http://www.

Artwork by: Charles Ciepiel, Dave & Tara Powers

Find lyrics here.

Tara Powers: Vocals

Dave Powers: Guitars, BGV’s

Charles Ciepiel: Upright Piano

Nathan Phillips: Bass Guitar

Jon Powers: Drums

Dave Wilton: Auxiliary Percussion


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