MountainCity to Start Weekly Facebook Live Concerts in November

(Denver, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Dave and Tara Powers, the dynamic duo behind eclectic-folk band, MountainCity, have announced plans to present weekly live concerts on Facebook Live, beginning November 2, 2016 at 7:30 pm MST. “MountainCity Live”, the name by which these behind-the-scenes, living-room style concerts will go, will be a chance for Facebook friends and fans to connect with band members, ‘react’ to the live feed on FB and share questions and comments in real time during the broadcast.

The first week of the series will include Dave and Tara singing, of course (hear a release from earlier this year HERE), some storytelling, an invitation about where to find their growing music collection online and they’ll be giving viewers “insider information” about the upcoming Christmas Concert on December 3rd, 2016.

Not only will participants hear unplugged versions of MountainCity songs that have already been released, but those watching the live concerts will get sneak peeks at not-yet-recorded music, cover songs, and also get to know band members better through stories about their lives and observing whatever happens with a group like this during a live broadcast.

For fans who have been to a live show featuring MountainCity, whether at a festival or in a concert venue, you’ll remember the importance the band places on supporting and encouraging love and restoring the soul.

“My main goal,” Dave told us about their decision to commit to these Wednesday evening online gatherings, “is creating community around our art, telling love stories, and championing love in general!” This is a chance for MountainCity members to connect more deeply with friends and fans and vice versa.


We are tellers of love stories.

Our story is one of love, loss, and adventure.

Our art aims to create environments that restore the soul.

Here’s how YOU can participate

Each Facebook Live broadcast will start at 7:30 pm sharp, MST, and last around 30-40 minutes. It’s really easy to participate. You may access the live “shenanigans,” as Dave likes to say, via any device you usually use for scrolling and interacting with friends on Facebook.

If you have already LIKED MountainCity’s Facebook page, Facebook will notify you on your timeline when they have gone live. Then follow these steps

  1. Watch directly on the MountainCity Facebook page
  2. Or login to Facebook, and search “MountainCityMusic” to find the live feed.

Viewers are invited to share reactions and send questions and comments. It is always fun for the band to see who is watching and from where. Participants are encouraged to invite friends to watch live, too.  

If you haven’t already LIKED the MountainCity FB page yet, we invite you to click HERE and join MountainCity’s growing community!




Join us weekly!

 MountainCity Music. Live on Facebook. Wednesday November 2, 2016 @ 7:30 pm MST and each Wednesday thereafter…meet you there!

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