MOUNTAINCITY at The Soiled Dove Underground

MOUNTAINCITY opened at The Soiled Dove

MountainCity opening for Charlotte Sass at The Soiled Dove, Denver CO [photo, Carrie Dodds]

(Denver, CO) MOUNTAINCITY opened for Charlotte Sass Friday night. It was their first performance at The Soiled Dove, considered one of Denver’s premier concert venues.

Dave and Tara, the husband-wife pair who comprise MOUNTAINCITY, did a quick Facebook Live for fans while Charlotte Sass and her band, which included Dave’s brother, Jon Powers (drums), warmed up.


Dave would also like to thank his sponsor, MONO

In Dave’s own words:

“These products are rugged, sturdy, and innovative. They make my life on the road so much easier!” he says. “Besides that, they look incredible! I’m like a walking billboard for MONO right now and I love it! I totally encourage you to look into buying some of their gear. You won’t be sorry that you did!”

Read this to see how Dave is using his MONO gear [click here]

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