MountainCity: Being with You Video has 494K Views!

(Denver, CO)  Being with You, MountainCity’s first official music video, has picked up more than 494,000 views on Facebook since it was released in July. This hushed, slow-dance of a song is insanely romantic, giving language to the authentic honor resident in true, lasting love.

See lyrics below

When the recording was released, December 2016, Dave recounted the story of how the song came about.

“Tara and I had just dropped our sons off with some family and were on our way to a beautiful location for a songwriting session, a love-song-writing session, mind you.

As we headed down the road, a disagreement between us started brewing, stewing, and then escalating. As we drove toward our destination, the intensity of our conflict grew to the point that we almost turned the car around! We were thinking, how in the world are we going to write love songs when we have this type of craziness swirling around us?

Instead of turning around, we pulled the car over, processed together, asked for forgiveness, and got our hearts settled.

A few minutes later, we were walking up the stairs to a beautiful deck and sat down in a delicious, golden beam of sunshine. Soon, this song started pouring out of me.

We recorded it exactly how we wrote it that morning!”

When the creativity of music is mixed with the power of love, something like magic happens,” Tara, one half of the Denver based MountainCity duo once said. This song has that quality. The simple, honest lyrics are rich in affirmation and promise.

Listen HERE. Ask the one you love to dance. Watch for the magic.

Being with You video on Facebook

“Being with You” Lyrics

Whether we take a walk, or if we drive all night
Being with you, being with you is so easy

Whether we laugh or cry, you make my days fly by
Being with you, being with you is a privilege

Whether we fight or fall in love through it all
Being with you, being with you makes it worth it

Being with you, being with you is so easy
Being with you, being with you is a privilege
Being with you, being with you makes it worth it

Being with you, being with you…

You may also watch Being with You on Youtube. Read more about Being with You HERE.

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