MountainCity Christmas House Concert Series

(Denver, CO)  MountainCity has announced A Christmas House Concert Series for the holiday season this year. The series is billed as, “An intimate and joyful evening of Christmas songs + stories with the MountainCity duo.”

Tickets for these adults-only affairs are available through There are now only two locations and just 130 tickets left at the time of writing.

Love’s Gonna Find You

Love’s Gonna Find You is the name of both the concert series and MountainCity’s Christmas CD due out at the end of this month.

We asked Tara Powers, female half of the singing-songwriting duo, why they had chosen to do house concerts, instead of the theater-style venue concerts they have done for several years.

Tara told us, “We love house concerts because they can provide so many personal and beautiful moments. That becomes a bit more difficult in larger venues with 300 or more people.” She says she enjoys being able to look at people’s faces “as they soak up a favorite song or become captivated by a moment of love.”

Wine + Warm Drinks

Each house concert has been designed to create a memorable Christmas celebration.

“We called the house concert series, ‘Love’s Gonna Find You,’ because it’s the title track of our new Christmas CD.” Tara told us. “But I feel it describes what the evenings will be like, too. It’s a cozy evening to gather, sing Christmas songs together, and play music that brings some comfort and joy for the season.”

Tickets are currently available at either of these locations:

Friday December 1, 2017, 7:00 pm at the Lozinski Residence

Located at 2100 Longs Peak Avenue in Longmont, Colorado


Saturday December 2, 2017, 7:00 pm at IronWood Photo Studio

Located at 1242 Highland Way in Erie, Colorado

“We love Christmas music and we love gathering people together” Tara says enthusiastically.

“Christmas music is timeless. It brings memories of those we have lost and reminds us to love on those closest to us. We are hoping to pack as many friends as possible into these house concerts.”

There were 195 tickets available yesterday, and only 130 today. So it looks like her hopes are coming true!

The Christmas CD will be available for purchase later this month and at the house concerts. You may purchase tickets to one of the Love’s Gonna Find You House Concerts at $25 (adult only affair)


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