MOUNTAINCITY Christmas in July!

Christmas is only 24 weeks away!

MOUNTAINCITY did a Christmas House Concert Series in 2017

(Denver, CO)  There are Christmas-in-July celebrations going on all over the place these days. Who started this craziness or how it began, we do not know, but nevertheless the phrase, “Christmas in July” is being bandied about.

So if you need some good music to go with it, don’t forget about MOUNTAINCITY’s 2017 Christmas EP release, Love’s Gonna Find You.

Traditional songs like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and “Winter Wonderland,” performed with the inimitably cool MOUNTAINCITY sound, are only part of this EP. Their unique take on “Love’s Gonna Find You,” a modern, yet nostalgic Christmas song, along with Dave’s astonishing cover of the Ray Charles song, “That Spirit of Christmas,” make this EP one you need to have in your Christmas music collection!

Love’s Gonna Find You Christmas EP

Design: Stormie Rhoades

You can listen here, or on Spotify and other good music streaming sites.


LISTEN here on the website HERE (scroll down).

We hope you are really enjoying the long, beautiful days of summer! But if you are inclined to start your Christmas shopping early, check out MOUNTAINCITY‘s Facebook SHOP here!


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