MountainCity Cover Songs and Christmas

Christmas is coming!

(Denver, CO)  MountainCity is in pre-production with Dave Wilton on their upcoming Christmas CD.

From the 2016 Christmas Concert, MountainCity and friends

Dave and Tara Powers, the duo known as MountainCity, enjoy Christmas music, from the classics to new tunes, and have even written their own original songs to celebrate the season. MountainCity Christmas concerts have become a tradition in the north-metro area of Denver. You can read a little about last year’s local concert and see their set list HERE.

The band will be spending a lot of time in the recording studio over the next few weeks, finishing up the CD. We’ll share details when we get them!

MountainCity Cover Songs…so far

MountainCity, known for their soulful, lyric-rich, original love songs, has also released some great cover songs. In fact, singing their favorite songs at an adoption-advocacy fundraiser is where they got their start.

And though you are now more likely to hear them performing one of their own songs, they still enjoying doing cover versions of songs that have influenced their multi-genre style.

Since June of 2016, following the release of their original This is Love, Dave and Tara have released three cover songs. You may listen to them and purchase them here. Check them out!

Come Away with Me (Norah Jones cover) 3:10

Come Away with Me (Norah Jones cover) Cover art by The Tentmakers

MountainCity Release: May 2017  // Listen: HERE

Somebody Like You (Keith Urban cover) 3:33

MountainCity Releases Keith Urban Cover, “Somebody Like You”

MountainCity Release: March 2017  // Listen: HERE

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis cover) 3:30

Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis cover) by MountainCity

MountainCity Release: October 2016  // Listen: HERE

Weigh in

What cover songs would you like to hear them perform? LIKE and FOLLOW MountainCity on Facebook and leave a comment!


Dave Powers would like to thank his sponsor, Franklin Strap

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