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(Denver, CO  —posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Listener’s opinions mean a lot to Dave and Tara Powers, the married, Denver-based music duo known as MOUNTAINCITY.

The couple says they love to create music that is memorable and meaningful for their audiences and listeners. “But as much as we love telling love stories through our music,” Dave says, “getting to know other people’s stories is just as important to us.”

Since the band launched at the very end of 2015, they have connected with audiences all over the U.S. and several countries. They’ve released two music videos [HERE and HERE], recorded a few covers, and a number of original songs. MOUNTAINCITY has been active on social media, as well, staying connected with friends and fans through Facebook, the live streams and regularly interacting with people who leave comments. [LIKE and FOLLOW MOUNTAINCITY on Facebook HERE]

[Enjoy MOUNTAINCITY’s newest music video, Try Again, HERE. You may also stream the song on Spotify and other streaming platforms]

Facebook Reviews

Here are random quotes by some nice people via Facebook Reviews (a very brief sampling of the curator’s favorites):

“Dave and Tara, MOUNTAINCITY, bring a breath of fresh air to the stale warehouse of modern pop music. Their musical chemistry blends with authentic artistry to bring to life songs that speak to the deeper places in the human soul…MOUNTAINCITY is a collision of folk, country, techno, pop, soul….I’ve never heard anything quite like it, but I have to say…I simply love it.”  –Timothy*****

“I love their songs, but even more so, I love their vulnerability in allowing us to step into their world of songwriting. It’s kinda like we’re getting to know a deep part of their hearts!”  –Ruth*****

“The moment you engage with MOUNTAINCITY, you come in contact with an unflinching artistry that is both honest and personal about the living and loving of everyday life. Sometimes it is so personal that it almost feels like you should look away…With every song, they invite you to explore the condition of the heart, and with their artistry and insight you find truth and hope for tomorrow’s dance.”  –Ken*****

“I am rating MOUNTAINCITY Music 5 stars but in all reality – I wish there was a 10 star option. I absolutely love their music. Their lyrics – top notch. Musicianship – second to none. Their message – timeless.”   –Josiah*****

“Their music not only touches the heart, but the soul. Wonderful honest songwriting and storytelling is timeless!”   –Diane*****

“My wife and I like listening to their CD on date nights. If you get the chance to check them out live do it. At any rate, download some of their music.”  –Ron*****

“MOUNTAINCITY is a perfect example of the longstanding singer/songwriter movement that transcends and exists above short lived musical fads and trends. Good honest musicianship, songwriting and storytelling is timeless and doesn’t sound dated. MountainCity comes from that authentic place that will mean just as much to the listener years from now as it does today. This group has the rare combination of being effortlessly listenable and yet there is considerable substance in the lyrics and storytelling.”  –Jake*****

“In a world of music that is mostly about attaining love, MOUNTAINCITY creates music and a vibe that focuses on retaining love.”  –Tom*****

“Two astonishing people with huge hearts! The music is incredible, but why wouldn’t it be since it is flowing from these two loving hearts!”  –Santiago*****

“There are not enough stars to rate how amazing the music Dave and Tara produce! Their hearts are more amazing…”  –Chris*****

“Dave and Tara are the real deal! They sing from the heart, and bring a joyful honesty to the stage. Tara captivates with powerful lead vocals and tight harmonies, and Dave flies effortlessly between soulful vocals and stunning guitar solos. And most importantly, they have a story to tell that you won’t want to miss!”   –a different Chris*****

“MOUNTAINCITY, thank you for sharing your world of music, song and laughter with us! To watch the two of you love what you do together is incredibly inspiring.”  –Meghan*****

“These are some of the most original and sharpest musical duos to date.”   –Adam*****

“A sweeter, more humble and more talented duo can not be found. Dave and Tara love deeply and love well.”  –Mindy*****

“Music for the soul! These guys have a truly amazing gift for crafting songs from the heart that will connect with your heart! This music is life giving!”  –Roger*****

“Dave Powers is one of the most passionate and talented worship leaders in the world…What’s really amazing is that Tara Powers has become one of the most charming, talented vocalists I have experienced in a very long time! Her stage presence makes you feel like she is singing straight into your heart. The only reason they aren’t topping the charts is that Dave and Tara Powers didn’t sell their gifts to the guys with the most money. They took the road less traveled and its a joy to watch God move them from backwater to breakthrough.”  –Rex*****

“I’m not sure what I enjoy more, the delicately sweet and sultry vocals, the heart-thumping remixes, or the oh-so-delicious-melty-goodness guitar licks that ooze out of each track! MOUNTAINCITY is legit.”   –Devan*****

“I would definitely encourage finding out where they might be playing in a city near you and go see them live. The show comes to life as they get you involved, out of your seat and dancing in the isles. it’s fun for all.”  –Kong*****

“MOUNTAINCITY is music set to the tune of the heart.”  –Ginger*****

“MOUNTAINCITY is a collision of talent, heart and purpose. I’ve worked with numerous well known artists throughout the years but none of them had as much potential to succeed as this duo!  –Mike*****

“Their music is awesome! I love these sounds. So beautiful and relaxing…My workplace is cafe. Their music is relaxing the customers even here in Japan!”  –Tomoko*****

“These two, and their music…are just…magic.”  –Erin*****

“MOUNTAINCITY makes the world a better place to live.”   –Gene*****

“These two are the real deal. Not only are they artists who are talented but they bring their whole heart into their music. It comes through and you not only hear it, you FEEL all the tones and undertones that allow you to fall in love with a song, an album…grateful for this refreshing group!!!”  –Rachael*****

“They are the truest form of artists who have the innate gift to say in music what our hearts long to hear.”  –Valary*****

“Vocals that make me melt and lyrics that bring tears to my eyes and hope to my heart.”  –Laurie*****

Photo credit: Trisha LaCoste

“I love that they have chosen to do living room tours and bring their gift up close and personal.”      –Chaundra*****

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