MOUNTAINCITY Listener Review

Thanks to Kristen Maldonado, The Dive Episode 2

Entertainment Reviewer, Kristen Maldonado, Just included MountainCity’s, I Miss Your Sound, in her most recent music video review.

“She is super sweet and we think she might tell the story behind the song better than we do,” the Dave says.

You can listen to Kristen’s February Spotify playlist [here].

MountainCity is first on the list in this video review. Watch!

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Dave would like to thank his sponsor, DG Custom Cables

Here is what Dave has to say about about this company:

“My friend, Dustin Guthrie, owns the Colorado Springs-based company, DG Custom Cables. He’s a total shredder/entrepreneur! Dustin’s goal is to make affordable custom cables with a lifetime warranty, and he’s done it.

“He’s SUPER cool to work with and he’s really great at helping you identify what you actually need.

“All of my ¼” cables and XLR cables are made by DG Custom Cables. I’m STOKED about the clarity of sound that my guitars and mics produce because of them!

“I am really thankful to be a part of the DG Custom Cables Family of Artists!

“Check them out. You’ll probably find and release your inner-hairy-mountain-man… and believe me, you’ll want to do that!”

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