MountainCity Releases Hearts Collide Remix

(Denver, CO)   MountainCity released Hearts Collide, the Remix version of their original song on April 14, 2017.

Hearts Collide was the song we released in February (listen and buy HERE) and we couldn’t wait for the remix to come out! Tara and I actually sat on the couch in our music room and listened to it and we were like a couple of giddy little kids,” Dave said. (Hear the Remix version HERE)

“Yes! We were like, How is this even us?” Tara added. “This is amazing!”

Their enthusiasm about the remix is infectious. 

The high-energy electronic vibe was added by Troy Welstad, who has done all of the band’s remixes to date.

“Troy is a great guy, really fun to work with. He’s a total shredder.” Dave told us, “We’re really excited about the remix. It’s kind of like this electro-pop thing.”

Troy Welstad

As a twenty-something in Los Angeles,” his website bio says, “Troy Welstad proved his skill and versatility as a musician, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist touring the world with the likes of P!nk, Hilary Duff, A Fine Frenzy, Brooke Fraser, Ryan Cabrea and working with many other artists.  Troy has backed artists on multiple television appearances including the American Music Awards, MTV music awards, Conan O’Brian Show, The Tonight Show, Ellen, Good Morning America and many more.

In 2011 Troy and his wife moved to Portland, OR wanting to focus his energy on writing, producing and working on some his own creative endeavors.

As a session keyboardist, sound designer and composer Troy’s credits include Colbie Caillat, Daughtry, Kenny Rogers, Jim Brickman,  Sleeping Wolf, Jess Penner (Kayjez), NIKE, Deidox Films and many others.”

Troy Welstad at work in his Portland, Oregon studio.

MountainCity and Electronic Music

Tara gave us some backstory on why MountainCity appreciates and includes electronic dance music in their repertoire.

“Dave and I both love EDM music. When Dave proposed to me June 13, 2003, we actually went to an EDM concert later that night – right after we got engaged. So it’s part of our history.”

“Dave had loved electronic music for a long time and when he introduced me to it, I really started loving it, too,” she explained. “So the reason we are doing the electronic remixes on most of our songs is that we just absolutely love it – we love dance music! It can be very happy,and cause joy  and it makes you want to get up and move,” she said.

Then she issued this challenge: “Listen to the remix – I dare you, I dare you not to dance.” 

Listen, buy and share

The Hearts Collide Remix is available on Spotify, iTunes and all the major musical platforms where you stream or buy good music. You may listen to it HERE and purchase it HERE. MountainCity invites you to share it (click the SHARE button here) to help spread the word about their music.

MountainCity and family enjoying the remix

Drive time Saturday:  “We jam to our own tunes. We like it.”

(-Jeanie Rhoades)


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Special Thanks from the band to all of our AMAZING family and friends that helped make our Kickstarter campaign last year a success. That’s what made this recording possible!

Extra special THANK YOU to Mona Rosene / Mike and Robin Kinney / Judd and Eldeen Pickett / Daniel and Christina Miles / Lydia Kurniawan / Dobsy and Alex Hogg / Emily Carlson / Lani and Don Dolifka / Tom and Sara Walsh / Steve and Joyce Schafer / Matt Young / Justin and Autumn Williams / Simon and Clare Jones / Jim and Kelly Roos / Wayne Pyle / Hannah and Jake Weidmann / Osana, Cheryl and Danny Jackson / Linda Sue Head / Rebecca Pettigrew / Harry Lozinski! You all are INCREDIBLE!!! – MountainCity

Thanks to everyone who buys our songs and shares our music!

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