MountainCity Releases Keith Urban Cover, “Somebody Like You”

(Denver, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Anticipation…wait for it, quick breath, then, “I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you!”

The intro is pure MountainCity, vocal-only harmonies dropping right from a clear blue, Colorado sky. Then comes the guitar-driven, foot-tapping beat, and it’s time to roll your windows down, hit the backroad and turn up the volume! This is a breeze-in-your-hair, country music anthem to love and the second cover song MountainCity has released.

MountainCity Releases Keith Urban Cover, “Somebody Like You”

Dave’s affinity for country music is a well-documented fact and he has always loved this particular Keith Urban song.

“Keith Urban is a total shredder of a guitar player, singer, and songwriter,” Dave tells us, “so it’s fun to support him by recording one of his songs.”

Billboard named Somebody Like You the number one country song in the first decade of the 21st century. The MountainCity version is thick with guitars and keyboards. With Mike Binder at MGB Music in Boulder at the helm, they ended up with a lush “mixture of EDM, pop, and acoustic-swirl,” according to Dave.

Dave tells us Somebody Like You carries a special significance for him and Tara. Long before MountainCity, the band, was ever even on the horizon, Dave and Tara had a chance to perform the song.

“We played it for the first time in 2010 at our cousin’s, The Powers’, live CD release party in Couer d’Alene Idaho. They asked us to be the opener for their concert. So we did a couple of songs we had written and this one,” Dave recalls. “We had so much fun playing and singing it, we’ve been playing it ever since.”

His enthusiasm for the song illuminates this performance. Dave shines on this recording and on Tara, with her perfectly synced harmonies reflecting his light – she, his heart-thumping raison d’etre.

Dave’s ability to communicate a lyric vocally is matched only by his incredible guitar performance. If you missed the typical instrumental intro, stay tuned. The song ends with a retro fade guitar jam that will have you moving, one way or the other.

The song is undeniably a tribute to one of Dave’s favorite artists. “I’d love to open for Keith Urban in a couple of years,” Dave said. He laughs at that, but we don’t think he’s kidding.

L I N E R  N O T E S

Somebody Like You 3:33

This is MountainCity’s second cover song release.

Co-written by: Keith Urban and producer John Shanks; originally performed by Keith Urban, released July 2002

MountainCity release date: March 17, 2017

Photo: Eldeen Annette Portraiture 

Artwork: Stormie Rhoades with Tara Powers and Dave Powers

MountainCity recorded this song with Mike Binder at MGB Music in Boulder, Co.

  • Dave Powers: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
  • Tara Powers: background vocals
  • Mike Binder: keys, electric guitar, sound design, programming, mixing, mastering, percussion

Somebody Like You has been released on most major online music buy-or-stream platforms. For those who’d like to purchase MountainCity’s music in a way that more directly supports them, you may purchase it from their website, CLICK HERE.


Special Thanks from the band to all of our AMAZING family and friends that helped make our Kickstarter campaign a success, making this recording possible!

Extra special THANK YOU to Mona Rosene / Mike and Robin Kinney / Judd and Eldeen Pickett / Daniel and Christina Miles / Lydia Kurniawan / Dobsy and Alex Hogg / Emily Carlson / Lani and Don Dolifka / Tom and Sara Walsh / Steve and Joyce Schafer / Matt Young / Justin and Autumn Williams / Simon and Clare Jones / Jim and Kelly Roos / Wayne Pyle / Hannah and Jake Weidmann / Osana, Cheryl and Danny Jackson / Linda Sue Head / Rebecca Pettigrew / Harry Lozinski! You all are INCREDIBLE!!! – MountainCity

Thanks to everyone who buys our songs and shares our music!

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