MOUNTAINCITY Releases Try Again

Liner Notes – get the insider details on MountainCity’s latest single, Try Again.

MountainCity, Try Again
Dave and Tara Powers (Cover art: Stormie Rhoades

(Denver, CO)  “This song seemed to come out of nowhere,” Dave Powers said.

“Tara was humming, crafting words, and had been shepherding the texture of the song for a while. When she brought it to me for arrangement, the song just flowed like the salmon of Capistrano.”

Dave says that the two of them wrote the bridge together and “Boom! It was done.”

As soon as the couple, known as MountainCity, started singing Try Again at concerts and events, they received enthusiastic feedback from their audiences. 

Officially released February 12, 2018 on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and other music platforms, “Tray Again” is a song about forgiveness, according to the writers.

“‘Try Again’ is about remembering and intentionally engaging with the power forgiveness,” Dave says. “It’s a reminder that life can flow when we prioritize forgiveness.”

Though it’s easy to see the song in the context of lovers and married couples,  it’s really a theme that works for any relationship where there has been injury.

“When we don’t forgive, it creates a bitter root in our hearts that strangles our quality of life and steals our joy,” Dave told us. “Bitterness makes us justify our anger and ignites our desire to make our perpetrator suffer. But sometimes the perpetrator is us.”

The song fades in quietly with the sort of holding-your-breath vulnerability a person feels in the wake of a serious disagreement or misunderstanding with a person they love.

The first 2 verses are led vocally, the instrumentals respectfully tentative as Tara begins and Dave follows with lyrics that feel authentic and universally familiar. But the chorus breaks the tension, and a rhythm of forgiveness brings relief. Finally it it seems OK to exhale.

“Tomorrow the sun will rise

And we will try again”

[LYRICS to Try Again HERE]

By the time the song reaches the bridge, the faintest hint of dissonance fades. The strength of their harmonies build like a rising promise to stay the course, to try again.

Dave believes the take-away in this song is about forgiveness.

He says, “Do yourself a favor and become proficient at forgiveness. Develop the skill of forgiveness. Forgive deeply and forgive often. In fact, make every effort to forgive before the sun goes down each day.”

“Many people think that forgiveness is primarily about releasing others of offenses,” he told us, “but forgiveness actually releases us into freedom. When we forgive ourselves and others, we become the primary beneficiaries of forgiveness.”

A music video for “Try Again” is in post-production and scheduled for release in March. You may stream or purchase Try Again HERE. Be sure to follow MountainCity on Spotify.

Liner Notes

Try Again // 4:30

Music: Tara and Dave Powers

Lyrics: Tara and Dave Powers

Arranged by: Tara and Dave Powers

Produced by: Dave Wilton

Mixed by: Dave Wilton

Mastered by: Dave Wilton

Published by: “Ours Is My Favorite Music”

From the album: Try Again (Single)

Photo by: Eldeen Annette and Bokeh FX

Artwork by: Stormie Rhoades

Tara Powers: Vocals

Dave Powers: Vocals, guitars, banjo

Dave Wilton: Strings, percussion, keys


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