MountainCity Spotlight on Glasses and Glowsticks

(Denver, CO)  One thing the band, MountainCity, is passionate about is spotlighting other artists and businesses they think people should know about. This week we’re shining the light on 12-year old Glasses and Glowsticks business owner/operator, and entrepreneur, Hunter Powers.

Hunter and MountainCity go way back. In fact, all the way to birth. Hunter has watched MountainCity’s beginnings and Dave and Tara Powers, Hunter’s parents were there for his, too – his literal birth and his business beginnings.

We caught up with Hunter recently to ask him about his business, about being a young entrepreneur and what he is hoping for in the future. Here is what he had to say.

12 year-old, Hunter Powers is the young entrepreneur who started Glasses and Glowsticks

The Glasses and Glowsticks Story

Tell us about Glasses and Glowsticks. What is it? And how did you get the idea to start this business?

Well, first of all, I love glowsticks. I always have! I love how it looks when they glow.

And then, my dad has always been an entrepreneur. He loves starting businesses. He’d talk to me about them sometimes and I would say, “Ooh, but you could do this, and this, and you could try this.” And I’d get fired up about all the things you could do if you had a business. My dad showed me that building businesses can create new jobs and innovations. I just wanted to get in on the fun, even though I was only ten.

I decided I wanted to sell glowsticks as a business. We started talking about adding a second product and we researched and thought about it. My dad suggested that I should totally sell those awesome, nerdy glasses. Or some people call them hipster glasses. Or maybe nerd-hipster?

That’s how I came to start Glasses and Glowsticks. My parents gave me some money to get it started. School was crazy, though, so I didn’t really push the business at first, but I just sold things at live events.

How did that go?

Really great! At my first event in Colorado Springs, there were only about 30-40 people there, but everyone came to my table and bought things. I did really well and I’ve been doing even better all the time!

Hunter Powers, young entrepreneur

What are your most popular products and current goals for Glasses and Glowsticks?

We get the most traction from selling glasses, they’re the really popular purchase. Black is a big seller, but surprisingly, so are white glasses. We sell more glasses than glowsticks at live shows. We sell several varieties of glowsticks and that will be changing as we go.

As far as the goals I am working on right now? I’d like to sell at all MountainCity concerts. I want to be more persistent in getting the word out there about my business, too, and try to start posting on Facebook and Instagram everyday, eventually. And I would like to pay off all the start-up costs for Glasses and Glowsticks by the end of the year.

How are you spending all that hard-earned cash right now?

Really, right now, I’m spending it on product, restocking the business. But I have goals for the future, too.

Tell us about those!

Glasses and Glowsticks is still in the building stage. But I want to be able to earn a living for myself by the time I’m 18, so the money isn’t all going back into the business, but I can enjoy the profits. After Glasses and Glowsticks becomes a solid money-maker, I definitely see myself starting other businesses and eventually selling them. But I think I will always want to keep Glasses and Glowsticks.

I think being an entrepreneur can change the world. I plan to focus my giving on the Denver Rescue Mission, giving part of the profits. I love Colorado and I love Denver. My dad and I have talked about being able to buy food and clothes for people at the mission, and how to help homeless people get homes.

Do you think that some people are just born to be entrepreneurs and some are not? Or can it be learned?

It is something that can be learned! But I think some people get really fired up by it. There are people who just really have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Glasses and Glowsticks

Are there entrepreneurs you look up to?

My dad. Because he knows how to build a business  – I would like to be able to build businesses like he can. My dad has really helped me with a lot of great advice. I just wouldn’t have known how to build a business from the ground up.

Do you think your age has affected your success? Positively or negatively? Have there been challenges because you are so young?

People like to invest in young business owners. So that isn’t a problem. That actually helps.

I haven’t had any college yet and school and sports can take a lot of time, but I am actually learning so much. I’ve never really liked math, but when it comes to Glasses and Glowsticks, I love doing the math. Restocking, investing, figuring profits and making purchases, it fires me up!

I also really like building my business on social media, which is probably because I am young. That part is fun.

What do you think adults can learn from kids in business?

If a kid can start a business and make it successful, adults can definitely do it, too. Most adults have more education and chances that kids might not have.

What advice can you share with other kids who’d like to jump into business at a young age?

The best advice I could give is to really use the fact that you’re young, because people love investing in young people and building their businesses. Don’t pretend to be an adult – let people enjoy that you are young and working hard.

And look to your parents or other adults who can give advice and teach you what they know.

Tell us some fun facts about you other than the business side.

I have a cute little brother. You can see him on my Facebook page in a video talking about Glasses and Glowsticks. I broke my collarbone playing football last fall and I broke my wrist snowboarding this winter. I think I’m going to take up basketball in the future.

Various styles and colors of glasses are available. $10-20, depending on the style.

What do you want to be and do when you grow up?

I definitely want to be an entrepreneur and I really want to build businesses and make them successful. And I hope I can help other people start their own businesses.

How can our readers keep up with new products or order if they’d like to?

When the website is finished, they’ll be able to order straight from there. Until then, they can message me through the Glasses and Glowsticks Facebook page.

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