MOUNTAINCITY Spotlights Sweet V’s Bakery

Who could go for a cookie right now?

(Denver, CO)  If you aren’t already, you will be hungering for some fresh-baked cookies after you read about this young entrepreneur and the sweet things she making possible through her business and her well-tested baked goods.

Young entrepreneur, Olivia Walsh, started the philanthropic Sweet V’s Bakery earlier this year.

Girl boss

Twelve-year-old Olivia Walsh, who goes by “V,” officially launched Sweet V’s Bakery in January of this year. She bakes, enjoys trying new recipes and makes “yummy cookies,” she says, describing what Sweet V’s is all about. But there is a strong philanthropic mission behind her new business venture.

We got to ask her a few questions about what she is doing and why.

Q: What ignited the spark in you to begin this particular business at your age?

V: “I have always been passionate about helping kids and orphans. And I love to bake, so I had the idea to create Sweet V’s Bakery so I could make delicious cookies and donate money to organizations that work with those in need.  

For example, I was able to join with an organization called Grain Of Hope and I bought a $400 plow for an African farmer and his family. Now they can grow even more crops and sell some as well.”

What’s your start-up story? How did you create Sweet V’s Bakery?

V:After I decided to start the business, I had to create a logo, website, Facebook page, pass food handling tests and become certified. It was a lot of work!”

Q: How do your parents and family feel about having a young entrepreneur in the house?

V:They love it, they love to help me with this dream and are so supportive. My dad bakes with me every Tuesday night, so we try new recipes and even stream Facebook Live shows. 

My dad also helps with business decisions and he helped me register for all of my certifications. We had to make sure we were meeting our requirements as a Cottage Industry business. Both of my parents help with packaging, baking and even tasting! They make it fun.”

Screenshot from a Facebook Live stream. V with her dad.

Q: With school, social life and running Sweet V’s, you have a lot going on. How do you fit everything together?

V:The business hasn’t gotten so big that it is taking up a ton of my time…yet. When it does, I’ll have to hire my friends so we can hang out while baking cookies.”

Q: What do your baking days look like for you right now?

V:Every Tuesday evening my dad and I work on the business. Depending on the week, we are baking, experimenting or fulfilling orders. Then there are additional days that I have to bake as well, to fill orders.”

Q: You’ll be traveling throughout the midwest with MountainCity this spring. Will you be baking on the road?

V:Maybe, that would be fun actually…I wish I could bring my mixer!”

Q: How will you keep your business fires burning while you travel?

V:I hope to find some cool bakeries, do some tasting and come home with a list of potential new products to master and eventually sell.”

V being interviewed onstage at a MOUNTAINCITY concert. With Dave and Tara Powers.

Ten Fun facts about V:

  1. Favorite book: The “I Survived” Series
  2. Biggest pet peeve: When people cough or sneeze without covering their mouths.
  3. Biggest baking job you have had to date: 1,000 cookies for a MOUNTAINCITY Christmas concert.
  4. Favorite family outing: Maui and our first family cruise to Mexico when I was 8.
  5. Favorite baking shows: Cake Boss and How To Cake It
  6. What she’ll be doing when she’s 18: I want to have a car and also I want to visit an organization that I would be helping through my cookie sales.
  7. Where she gets new ideas for things to bake: TV shows, books, pictures online.
  8. What makes her feel happy and successful: Providing treats to people while helping some hurting kids!
  9. Ever had a funny flop or baking failure? Oh yes, we cannot make macarons at all. We have tried so many times and total failure. I want to figure that one out though.
  10. BEST thing that has happened to her since she started the biz: Making people smile, helping buy the plow through Grain of Hope with the money I earned this past holiday season.

What Sweet V’s Bakery customers have actually said about her treats:

“They are the best gluten-free/vegan chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had”

“They are great tasting, but hard to share!”

“Nothing like cookies that you can enjoy and impact people’s lives in positive ways at the same time.”

Need cookies?

If you’re looking for a treat to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any type of celebration, V is taking orders for:

?Sweet V’s Chocolate Chip Cookies $8/dozen

??V Friendly Gluten Free/Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies $12/dozen

You can reach her to order at [email protected] and she hopes you’ll follow her Facebook page, too.

When we asked V what advice she would give other young entrepreneurs who want to start a business, she told us:

I would tell them it is important to have patience and to know why you are starting your business. Know it really well so you can answer when anyone asks you a question about your business! Plus, don’t do it alone!”

That’s great advice and everyone at MOUNTAINCITY wishes V lots of success!


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