MOUNTAINCITY Writes Love Songs by Request

MOUNTAINCITY friend and fan, Eldeen Pickett, had Dave and Tara Powers write and perform a song as a gift for her husband

(Denver, CO)  Besides the original songs MOUNTAINCITY is known for writing and recording for their concerts, they also take time to write personal love-story songs by request.

“It is always an honor and a privilege to be invited to write a song for someone,” Tara recently shared with us.

“Dave and I were recently asked to write a love song for a couple telling their love story.”

Tara explains that the process is actually pretty simple.

“We send an email with questions for recipients to answer as thoroughly as possible, including parts of their story, things they love about each other and details such as dates and important events,” Tara says. “We always ask what styles of music people prefer so we can stick as closely to what they love as possible.”

This particular couple includes good friend and photographer Eldeen Annette, who has been credited with quite a few MOUNTAINCITY photos on this blog. [see HERE and HERE, among others]

Eldeen specifically said that they liked the country/folk style and so MOUNTAINCITY went into the songwriting process with that in mind.

“We focus intentionally on creating a song very specific to the individual or couple, yet making it a song that others would enjoy as well,” Tara said. “I love looking for fun details that only the couple would know is even part of their story.”

Ellie told us a story about an inside joke they had with each other. She and Judd were on a train in Italy and realized that they kept saying the phrase, “like this” to one another and they ended up in uproarious laughter and annoying the other passengers. To this day, they continue to say that phrase to each other to have a good laugh.

Right away, Dave and I knew the chorus would include that very phrase.

“We ended up calling the song, Something Like This. 


“You can see that the lyrics are pretty straight forward, from the story of their first date, each adding their own perspective, right up to their wedding day. We also used their exact words about what Judd and Ellie loved about each other, specifically, and sprinkled them throughout the song,” Tara told us.  “We had to add small details about their children and pets. And Judd’s favorite color is orange, according to Ellie, so we knew we had to add it in there somewhere.”

Obviously enjoying the process of song-writing, Tara added, “Story in song-form breathes new life into memories.”

Story in song-form breathes new life into memories. –Tara Powers

Judd + Ellie get their own song

Here is how an idea went from the re-telling of a their love story to a completed, recorded song.

Q: Where did you get the idea to have Dave and Tara Powers, of MOUNTAINCITY, write a song telling your love story?

Ellie: Christmas was coming up and I had no idea what to get for Judd.  When you get older, you just buy everything you want and need, so there’s not much left for gift-giving.  My only option left was something meaningful and unique. When I found out that MOUNTAINCITY had been writing loves songs for others, I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do.  I contacted Tara and we both got really excited about the idea.

Q: How did you go about surprising him?

Ellie: Tara sent Judd a survey (he figured she was doing something for me for Christmas), and I also filled out the survey. I was totally impressed with the depth of questions they asked. I worried I might have given them too much material to sift through!

Q: What’s your love story? How did you and Judd get together?

Ellie: Judd and I are one of those success stories.  I wasn’t even a paying member, so when he contacted me, I had to pay, email him, and then immediately cancel my subscription to get my precious $15 back.  

We went out to dinner through a horrific storm (which didn’t phase him at all), and the rest is history. I remember when I climbed into his pristine Xterra to go to dinner, I just kept trying to get a glance at his shocking good looks without being too obvious.  My mom said, after I came home that night, that by the feeling I gave and my expression, she knew he was the one.

Q: What are some memories represented in the lyrics?

Ellie: Even though I was crying and a snot-nosed mess, seeing him wait for me at the front of the church is one of my happiest memories.

Q: What’s your favorite line in the song?

Ellie: It’s “two kids, two dogs, and a cat,” hilariously enough.  It really is the dream we are living out. Life together is simple and that lines sums it up.  We don’t want a complicated life. I felt like that line validated our journey.

Q: How many times do you think you have listened to your song so far?

Ellie: I honestly can’t tell you how many times I have listened to that song, but I cry, every time.  And the first time Judd heard it, he actually got quite emotional and teary (I have never seen him shed a tear.  Not ever). MOUNTAINCITY came and performed it for us while I had Judd on a fancy dinner date. It was the first time he knew about it. That date night feels like one of those “core memories” that will continue to play a large role in the shape of our relationship.

Q: How do you see yourself “using” this song in your lives, which is a truly unique “our song,” kind of thing?

Ellie: This song is going to be a piece of our legacy to our children, their children, and hopefully longer. My kids love hearing the song of their parent’s love story. I have shared it with everyone I know, but this song is going to make a regular appearance at special events, and in the living room. Whenever the song comes on through the speakers, everyone in the house just stops.  Everyone listens intently. I can’t stress how important this has been to our family.

Q: Why do you think other couples or families should consider having a song written using their stories?

Ellie: Dave and Tara gave our song a country feels, which is perfect for Judd.  I try not to stare in awe when he taps his foot and sings along. It’s just so uncharacteristic of his music-listening habits.  But this is no ordinary country song.

Romance has its ups and downs.  While neither one of us is terribly romantic by nature, it has changed dramatically since we received our song. It has breathed new purpose, joy, romance, and intention into our marriage. I never expected that.

It’s become so meaningful to our marriage, that I just want everyone I know to get theirs written.  It’s one of the best investments I have ever made.

Something Like This Lyrics


Verse 1

Driving to the show

Talking with you nervously

I wonder if you know

You could be the girl for me

Verse 2

Driving through the snow

I try to catch a glance at you

I wonder if you know, boy

I might be fallin’ hard for you

Chorus 1

I want something like this

You and me

That cute little grin when we meet

It’s always more fun, whenever you’re around

I want something like this

You and me

Stealing a kiss on your cheek

You make me laugh whenever you’re around

Verse 3

Standing down in front

Waiting for you nervously

When you came down that aisle

I knew this was the end of me

Verse 4

Walking down the aisle

Crying uncontrollably

I said you would be the one

I’d love for all eternity

Chorus 2

I want something like this

You and me

Those dangerous blue eyes killin’ me

I can’t help but smile, whenever you’re around

I want something like this

You and me

Workin’ so hard so I can dream

I feel more peace whenever you’re around


I want something like this

You and Me

Two kids, two dogs and a cat

We are living out our dream

I want something like this

You and me

A house on some land

and the orange sun going down over mountain peaks

I want something like this…

Judd and Eldeen Pickett with their family.

Would you like your love story written as a song?

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other big life events can be occasions for a song. MOUNTAINCITY even wrote one couple’s wedding vows.

If you would like information on having a personalized song written, email Dave Powers, [email protected], and MOUNTAINCITY will contact you with cost and options information, plus questions to help Dave and Tara begin writing a song. There are options to have it professionally recorded as well.

[–Jeanie Rhoades]


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