MountainCity’s Dave Powers Joins Temple Audio’s Family of Artists

(Denver, CO)  Dave Powers, MountainCity’s lead guitarist and co-singer/songwriter with wife, Tara, has honed his taste in products and equipment that serve him as a musician. When he finds something he really likes, he is eager to share his thoughts about that product, whether a guitar, in-ear monitors, a capo, a cable, or strings and straps.

When a company he is already enthusiastic about endorses Dave and invites him to represent them as part of their Family of Artists, he is excited to tell everyone what he really thinks.

Temple Audio Design. Reinvented. Redesigned. Revolutionized.

Dave is now part of Temple Audio Design’s Family of Artists

Temple Audio Design recently added Dave Powers to their Family of Artists. The company is known among the sound-savvy for producing excellent, high-quality audio at affordable prices.

Dave sent this exuberant recommendation:

“There are pedal boards, and then there are                                               PEDAL BOARDS + INNOVATION + PURE GENIUS.

“The latter can only be Temple Audio pedal boards.

“Man, the Temple Audio team is SHARP, I mean REALLY sharp. Besides their excellent customer service, the quality of their products is amazing! It’s the lightest pedalboard I’ve ever experienced! And, my pedal board is velcro free, and while velcro may be one of the greatest inventions in the universe, I don’t prefer it on my board!

“It is a great privilege for me to now be a part of the Temple Audio Family of Artists, and I absolutely encourage you to check out Temple Audio right here!

Dave encourages any musical artist, at any level, to try out Temple Audio, or any of the great companies that endorse him.

Dave is grateful to be endorsed by these great businesses:

With Temple’s Quick Release Pedal Mounting System™ you can change out your pedals on the fly. No more messy Velcro®, zip ties, or drilling holes to keep your pedals in one spot.

-Jeanie Rhoades

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