MountainCity’s Dave Powers joins the LR Baggs Family of Artists

(Denver, CO)  MountainCity’s Dave Powers is enthusiastic about getting to endorse companies that contribute to the quality of the music that he and his co-singing/songwriting partner and wife, Tara, make. He recently became a part of the L.R. Baggs Family of Artists.

LR Baggs pickups. Source:

Lloyd Baggs, founder and owner of LR  Baggs got his start as a guitar maker and shares his fascinating journey in a series of short videos on the company’s website. The story starts with an account of the first guitar he crafted and his subsequent interest in amplification for acoustic guitars.  He shares how he built a world-class company that specializes in helping musicians sound great onstage. You can watch the LR Baggs Story HERE.

MountainCity Testimonial

Dave raves about LR Baggs pickups:

Ohhhh man…these pickups,” Dave says. “Where do I start?”

“I have LR Baggs Anthem pickups in pretty much every acoustic guitar that I play live. They are mindblowing! I also have a Session DI and when you mix that with the Anthem it’s other-worldly! Without a doubt, these are the finest sounding pickups that I’ve ever played or heard, hands down! Just sitting here talking about them – all I want to do is stop and go play my McPherson with the LR Baggs Anthem pickup in it!”

Company culture – Quotables

Lloyd Baggs’ story is inspiring and the success of LR Baggs, the company, insightful. He openly shares these gems:



“The whole secret, I think, to living a really happy, good life – God gives everybody something – everybody’s a genius at something. So first of all, you’ve got to find it and then you use it with all your heart to help other people. It’s really not any more complicated than that.”



“It’s grown from this unconscious thing, back when I was just trying to make a pickup and just make a living, to being blessed with a wonderful company. We sell around the world now.

“About 5 years ago I realized that the product itself had very little to do with what we’re doing in life. It was just an excuse to bring our ‘A’ game as a group to some thing to make better lives for ourselves out of this endeavour.

“So we still have to engage in building the pickups and electronics the best we possibly can – because that furthers our real mission.”



“I don’t want to leave a nickel on the table when I die. I want to use it all up. That’s another thing that drives me. There’s so much more to do and so much more out there to be discovered. It keeps us pushing and keeps us excited.

“We’ve attracted some marvelously talented people to our organization. I don’t think we’re there yet, but we keep getting closer and closer and better and better.”

Long revered for their soundhole pickups and microphone systems, LR Baggs recently unveiled the Synapse Personal PA System. It’s a “revolutionary approach” to a portable sound system for  the singer-songwriter and solo acoustic performer, designed to fill a room with great sound. It offers a custom reverb feature to enhance both vocals and guitar and provides nearly 500 watts of power for studio-grade sound.

Besides MountainCity, LR Baggs counts Peter Frampton, Janis Ian, Ricky Scaggs, Of Monsters and Men and others as fans and customers.

“It is a great privilege for me to be a part of the LR Baggs Family of Artists,” Dave says. “And I absolutely encourage you to try them out!”

Watch the LR Baggs Story HERE.

(-Jeanie Rhoades)

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