MountainCity’s Summer So Far

A funny thing happened on the way to their Nashville Showcase

(Nashville, TN)  Dave and Tara Powers, the singing-songwriting married duo who comprise MountainCity, took a trip to Nashville last week to showcase their work for Nashville’s music industry insiders. The showcase was held outdoors at the majestic Arrington Vineyards just 30 minutes outside the heart of Nashville. Food-laden farm tables were set up in the tent and wine was served with a setting sun backdrop as MountainCity took the stage. They performed both their recorded and new original music for musical artists, record labels and producers in the area.

MountainCity performing at Arrington Vineyards, Arrington TN

Tara says it was a magical night for her – almost like their wedding, as she looked across the warmly lit tent during their final song and saw that everyone, every single person there, had been swept up into the joy of living and loving, and was dancing while they sang.

But before they got there…

Singing on a Southwest flight

MountainCity, along with a handful of close friends, flew out of Denver the Sunday night before the music showcase. Knowing that Southwest Airlines sometimes invites musical artists to sing on their flights, their friend mentioned to an attendant that Dave and Tara were on board heading to Nashville and that they might be open to singing for the passengers. The attendant wasn’t sure she could make it happen so they all just settled in. Since it was a night flight, lights went out, Dave went to sleep and that was that.

Until, about halfway through the flight, when the flight attendant touched Tara’s arm and apologized very quietly for bothering her. Dave and Tara were seated in the exit aisle and Tara laughs that her first thought was, Oh no, do we need to open that door and start helping people exit? But it was nothing so terrifying as that. The attendant just wondered if they’d want to sing.

Screenshot of MountainCity performing on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Nashville

So they did. Dave woke up. Grabbed his guitar and the cabin lights were turned on and passengers asked to welcome MountainCity at 35,000 feet! The Southwest crew was so enthusiastic about their music, they said they were going to send video of “This is Love” to Southwest Headquarters to tell them it should be their company theme song. That was welcome praise from the flight crew of a great airline.

From the front of the plane, Dave and Tara performed using the same microphone flight attendants use to make announcements. They sang Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, and their first single, This is Love.

It was a totally unexpected, impromptu performance. As Dave was putting his guitar away, a passenger said, “Hey! I work for WSMV TV, the Today in Nashville show. If I can fit you into Wednesday’s show, could you make it?

Why yes, they told her, right then and there. They’d be there.

TV Appearance

So Wednesday morning, MountainCity performed This is Love on Nashville’s local channel 4 television station. The TV show hosts teased them a little about singing Ring of Fire, which has lyrics like, “I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire – I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher,” on a plane flight, of all places.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Dave and Tara’s experience on the Today in Nashville TV show:


The day after the music showcase at Arrington Vineyards, Dave and Tara got to be the live musical guests on 650 AM WSM’s drive-time show, Nashville Today with the incredible, Devon O’Day.

MountainCity at WSM with Devon O’Day

Tara’s grandpa, who is very proud of them already, was especially excited when he saw the radio call letters, WSM, and exclaimed, “I grew up listening to The Grand Ole Opry on that station!” For him, MountainCity has now arrived.

They were honored to get to chat with Devon about their music and sing two songs, including Hearts Collide. Dave says meeting Devon, author, radio host and in-demand speaker, and watching her in action was a huge privilege for MountainCity.

MountainCity singing “Hearts Collide” on Devon O’Day’s Nashville Today, WSM Radio

See MountainCity performing at the radio station [here].

What’s next?

Be sure to join MountainCity for their Facebook Live concert performance on Wednesday June 21st 7:30pm MST. If you miss it live, it will be on the MountainCity Facebook page for later viewing.

Be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW the MountainCity FB page for latest news, events and notification of live concerts.

Singing on a Southwest flight, performing on a live Nashville TV show, a magical music showcase at Arrington Vineyards, doing live radio in Music City and a Facebook Live performance scheduled for the 21st – It’s been quite a week for MountainCity. Summer is going well! (-Jeanie Rhoades)


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