MOUNTAINCITY’s Tara Powers Shares Her “How” for 2018

A singer-songwriter plans her New Year

(Denver, CO)  Tara Powers, one half of Colorado’s own married, love-song singing duo, MountainCity, recently shared a Facebook post about her approach to 2018.

With 3 short tours (Florida in March, a 10-state jaunt through the Midwest in April, and several dates in the Pacific Northwest in June) coming up, covering more than a dozen states before the middle of the year, and raising two growing boys (Happy Birthday to youngest son, Kai, today), Dave and Tara Powers have to be thinking ahead. There are concerts to perform, songs to write, studio recording time to schedule and even a music video in production for a pre-Valentine’s Day release.

It’s no wonder that, in spite of being under the weather, Tara decided to think through how she will approach the New Year.

MountainCity’s Dave and Tara Powers with their 2 sons. Photo by Trisha LaCoste

Here is Tara, in her own words:

“Walking into 2018 hasn’t quite been like this photo.

We hit the ground running with recording a very important new song for us and a few days of songwriting in Arizona.

Then, I got hit with a nasty fever (my bed is my office again today.)

The New Year is ALWAYS an important time for me and my season. I feel that I stop to listen better, receive well, am challenged and have more grace doing it.

This year I have been struggling in writing my goals and aspirations. Not because I have none, but because as I get older, a resolution just doesn’t cut it.

I have dreams, God’s dreams stored up in my bones. I want to leave a mark of love in my piece of the fabric of time. 

So, yesterday in my feverish stupor I found my how for this year.

My intention in 2018 is to set and accomplish DAILY RHYTHMS. I struggle with living in the present. I am always thinking and planning about the future, but I know when I slow down to live each day out intentionally, I take a step closer to the ultimate design for my life. 

Help me know, dear Teacher 
When to say, “no,” and when to say, “yes”. When to run, and when to rest. 
When to care for self, and when to love my neighbor. 
Where to give my time, and when to keep it close. 
When to sing my songs, and when You long to quiet my soul. 
When need arises to offer a soothing touch, or when I need to ask for one. 
When to feed my friends, and when to sit joyfully with just my family. 
How to celebrate daily victories, and grieve my everyday sorrows. 
How to invest my money, and when to give it away.
When to pursue beauty with everything within, and when to allow curiosity a peek.
When to open my mouth to speak a truth, and how to hold my tongue in love.
How to be grateful in every circumstance, and faithful through every fear. 
Grace for my husband and for me. 
Mercy for my children. And to you my dear Teacher- I send my love.” [–Tara Powers, MountainCity, January 8, 2018]

[Photo for the Show Hope shoot, by the great Trisha LaCoste]  

–Jeanie Rhoades

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