MOUNTAINCITY’s Tara Powers Talks About Love on St. Valentine’s Day

Singer/songwriter, Tara Powers, weighs in on celebrating love – even on (especially on) Valentine’s Day!

MountainCity’s Dave and Tara Powers. Photo by Eldeen Annette Portraiture

(Denver, CO  –Tara Powers)   Each year, when Valentine’s Day comes around, I hear grumbling from a lot of people who think the card companies are just out to make a buck. There’s a lot of pressure to be romantic.

Some have found themselves alone, wishing they were in a relationship.  Others, who do have a significant other, roll their eyes at the thought of yet another holiday to have to purchase a token of love for proving their affection.Why do we see Valentine’s Day as a day of dread on our calendars? What if we changed the way we viewed this day so that LOVE could actually be celebrated?

During my elementary school days, I remember getting my good ol’ cereal box and pasting cut-out hearts all over it. I would proudly write my name on the decorated box. This Valentine’s box was extra special to me because soon, it would be filled with candy and cards from friends and classmates with messages of love and endearment. I would take my box full of love notes home and read EVERY single one of them. I saved many of them for years.

Love Daily

Valentine’s Day is ONE day a year that we could choose to love on others. Love the ones you love with your words of encouragement, a gift, some of your time, or maybe an extra hug or two. Maybe, if we take the time to show love in some small way, we will realize how amazing it is to celebrate love in this way every day. #LoveDaily

Love is a Wonderful Thing

For today, this Valentine’s Day, try taking time to love on your family, friends and maybe even a complete stranger. See how it feels to truly celebrate the holiday, to celebrate love.


Dave Powers would like to show the love for his sponsors on this fine Valentine’s Day:




















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