MOUNTAINCITY’s Travel Log #TheDateNightTour

Dave and Tara reflect on touring, life on the road, and maybe over-packing a little bit

Dave and Tara Powers, known as the singing-songwriting duo and band, MOUNTAINCITY, are currently touring a 10-state region. The Date Night Tour, during which they have traveled city to city by RV with their 2 sons and some friends, wraps up in about a week and a half. By now, past the halfway mark, they have had time to come to some conclusions about the tour.

The Date Night Tour. MountainCity, spring 2018

Tara, on the best thing about this tour:

“…traveling with family and friends and meeting so many amazing people who take the time to be refreshed by our music.”

Dave and Tara Powers, MOUNTAINCITY

Tara, on the most surprising thing about RV living:

“The RV is so loud!

It’s also amazing to take a nap while you truck down the road.”

Listening to music on the tour bus

Dave, on things they may change for future tours

“It might be too early to say right now, but we might not play more than four days in a row in the future. And we might try to create more space for rest and exploration of the areas we have been traveling through.”

Dave and Tara got to see lyrics from their song, “Hearts Collide,” on someone’s chalkboard.

Tara, on the spring travel weather:

“The first part of our trip was so cold and gray. In Michigan, we were in the middle of a full-blown snow blizzard. It wasn’t until halfway through our trip, in Indiana, we saw the sun for the first time in 15 days! We are sunshine-spoiled Coloradans, so that was tough for us.

Right now we’re in Tennessee, though. It’s very warm, which makes us all happy!”

A quick visit with family in Indiana.

Dave, on some interesting people he has met on tour:

“We have met delightful people at every stop!

In Des Moines, we got to meet Tara’s Great-uncle Don, and his wife, Helen, along with some fans who drove 2 1/2 hours to see us play. They discovered us on Facebook and have followed us for about a year. We felt so honored by that!

A couple of days ago we got to meet country recording artist, Craig Campbell. That was fun!”

MOUNTAINCITY’s Dave Powers meeting Craig Campbell

Dave, on the biggest challenge in touring:

“Our biggest challenge has probably been managing the tension between working and creating space for intentional family time. We haven’t done a horrible job at it, but there’s always room for improvement.”

Tour Day #17. A house concert in this beautiful living room!

Tara, on packing for an extended tour:

“I’m such a planner. I think I really remembered to pack everything we needed on this trip.

But, I think I could have left all toilet supplies at home. We haven’t used the RV ‘facilities’ once, because it’s way more fun to make stops along the way and stretch your legs and make memories!”

Dave, on the most fun about the tour so far:

“We laugh a lot, everyday. And that’s good for my soul. Everyone on the tour bus has been delightful, generally joyful, and easy!”

Where can you find MountainCity next?

Besides several private events before they head back to Colorado, here are some dates and places you can still see them as they wrap up The Date Night Tour 2018:

April 27, 28 and 29 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

More details HERE

  • Jacob McCoy + MOUNTAINCITY at Fair Fellow Coffee in Tulsa at 7 pm on 04.27.18

May 2 and 6 in Kansas City

More details HERE

  • Encore at The Uptown Theater, Wednesday May 2 at 7:30 pm in KC


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