MOUNTAINCITY’s Try Again Video Shoot + Fan Response

MountainCity’s Official Music Video for Try Again will be released in March!

MountainCity, Try Again
Dave and Tara Powers (Cover art: Stormie Rhoades)

Dave and Tara recently talked about their latest single, Try Again, on Facebook. [LISTEN or BUY HERE]

Check out these behind-the-scenes studio shots from their recent music video shoot

“Oh my goodness you guys! Keep writing music!” –J.M.

Tara snapped this on location for the Try Again music video shoot. That’s Matt Short of Bokeh FX with the camera

“I love this! My husband & I live by this…not letting the sun go down without making up and we’ve been married for 37 years.”  –D.P.

“This is the ultimate love song really. True love is a bit messy. This song captures the life of long love. The kind that surpasses romance. Try Again is the “marriage song” for everyone in it ‘until death do us part.’ Stunningly beautiful and refreshingly honest.”  –S.S. Brighton CO

Try Again music video notes and storyboard

“I LOVE the song.  It has such a sweet flow and lovely melody that ties the words together so well.  I love all of the lyrics, but the hope in the 3rd and 4th verses pick the heart up from the hard realities we sometimes experience in love.  “I’ll FIGHT and I know we’ll get better with time” is the best fight to give in a relationship.  Really love it.  Great song.  Bought it and gifted it to a friend.”   –T.A. Greencastle IN

Setting the scene at the music video shoot for Try Again


Storyboard for Try Again music video shoot

“There are 2 themes that strike me as far as lyrics go: reality, and hope.
Try Again is this soothing, take a breath, heart-felt ballad. MountainCity sings of the reality of a relationship…I think so many times we have these fantasies of what a relationship with another person will be like, especially a romantic one – and particularly marriage. The reality comes in with the very first line, ‘today was a little bit harder, my heart sank a little bit further, I cried…’ Who hasn’t had their heart sink because of a broken agreement with another person?
But then, the hope comes in throughout the song as the duo sing that they will ‘fight and I know we’ll get better, with time…Cause tomorrow the sun is gonna rise, we will try again.’

This takes effort, which is reality, but the hope is that we’re trying together and things WILL get better, and the sun IS going to rise. We will hold each other a little bit closer.
The umbrella here, is forgiveness. Nothing can heal like forgiveness, but it takes effort from both parties. At the end of the day, I think the listener can smile and be encouraged that it’s worth it. –C.B.  Loveland

Try Again music video, studio shots

And in other news:

MountainCity just hit 2 million streams on Spotify! LISTEN and FOLLOW them!

(–Jeanie Rhoades)


Dave would like to thank his sponsor, Grosh Guitars

Here is what Dave has to say about Grosh:

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