Dave’s favorite McPherson Story

Originally published June 13, 2017.

(Denver, CO)  For fifteen years, Dave Powers, who is one half of the Colorado-based, singing-songwriting, married duo known as MOUNTAINCITY, dreamed of owning a McPherson guitar.

Last year, his dream came true.

Owning a McPherson guitar had actually been added to his bucket list. For 15 years he hoped something miraculous would happen to make it so.

MountainCity’s Dave Powers with his McPherson guitar.

Dave’s McPherson Miracle

One day his friend, Tim Meier, called with an unusual proposition. Tim told Dave that he had owned a McPherson guitar for several years, but the neck of it was broken. He suggested to Dave, “If you want to fix it and buy me a less expensive guitar, I’ll give you my McPherson.”

Dave says it took him less than a split-second to say yes to that deal. He was in shock he was getting such an offer.

When the repaired guitar arrived from the McPherson headquarters in Wisconsin, Dave admits he was giddy. He says it is by far the most excellent acoustic guitar he has ever had the privilege of playing. “The tone of this guitar is amazingly balanced, and the action is unbeatable,” Dave raves. “The California Redwood top, with the East Indian Rosewood back and sides, along with the Koa binding are a stunning combination of sonic artistry and visual magnificence!

Picture this

Dave is also part of the LR Baggs Family of Artists and when he talks about putting one of their Anthem pickups in his McPherson guitar, he comes a little unglued. Dave describes it this way:

“Ok. picture me, lying down in the corner of a room that is overflowing with melted butter, sucking my thumb, in the fetal position…yes…and also, wow! I am a happy man!”

But the story continues

A few weeks ago, Dave decided to rekindle the conversation with McPherson about the possibility of them endorsing him. It was another bucket list-type dream. He had explored the idea with them several times dating back to 2010, but the timing wasn’t quite right. “This time,” Dave says, “about an hour after I contacted them, they responded with a ‘yes!’”

Now that he is part of the McPherson Guitar Family of Artists, Dave says you have to picture him in Bore Bora:

“I have just jumped into the crystal clear water from the deck of a stilted, thatch-roofed hut, swimming with Tara, our sons, with friends and family, surrounded by coral fish, too gorgeous to describe within the confines of the English language…yes!  That is how I felt when I got the email welcoming me on to the McPherson Family of Artists! And also – wow!”


How does Dave really feel? “I’ve got to say, ‘Thank you, Larry, for inviting me to be a part of the amazing McPherson Family of Artists! It is an honor to represent the artistry and craftsmanship that you and the team create.’ And of course, my thanks to my dear friend, Tim Meier, for his friendship and generosity.”

Dave says if you’re a guitar player and you ever have the chance, you should at least try playing a McPherson guitar. But, he warns, you may end getting bit by the same bug that got him. He says you’ll probably end up wanting to buy one –  even if you have to add it to your bucket list for awhile and wait for something to miraculous to happen.

“It’s difficult to describe my thankfulness,” Dave says.  “I feel like God is loving on me in so many diverse ways right now. What a privilege.”  (–Jeanie Rhoades)



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McPherson’s Family of Artists: Dave Powers

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