Originally posted May 9, 2017. (Denver, CO  –Dave Powers)

Tara Powers, my best friend, my bride… what a woman!

15 years ago I was smitten by this LOVELY blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel, with an exotic name that flows like honey and wine off of my tongue each and every day…

And today I am WAY MORE IN LOVE WITH YOU than I was then! How in the heck did you get to be 29 years old already??? SHEESH!!! “Time goes so fast!!!”  ?

You, my dear, are flourishing like a vibrant, technicolored field of tulips in the spring-time sun.

You are GORGEOUS…and just a little mischievous. What a woman!

Watching you write songs, create new melodies, effortlessly exude harmonies, deliver confident words of hope from the edge of a stage, release your voice to this generation, brilliantly mother our sons, keep your eyes open for simple ways to improve the quality our lives, love on our community, and consistently pursue friendship with me…what a woman!

You slay the fish! #proudhusband #WhatAWoman

You are, indeed, a world-class friend! In all my days, I haven’t met anyone on planet earth as delightful as you! I regularly thank God for the privilege of knowing you. I love your passion for life. Your perspective and discernment is amazing and refreshing. Your laugh is infectious. Your wide eyes shine bright…they tell stories of your thoughts and feelings…what a woman!

I respect you deeply.

It is my honor to RUN with you, walk beside you, dream with you, and sing with you. Your voice is pure and rich…it’s soothing, a salve to my soul. In the mornings, your song fills our home with the overflow of your heart…what a woman!

These guys LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out.

You are my dream come true.

I. Love. You.

– Dave

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