Season’s Greetings, Audience Response to #ItsChristmasTime Concert

(Denver, CO – Jeanie Rhoades)  Time does fly, but it was just a week and a half ago that an eager, sold-out crowd filled an historic events center just northeast of Denver to enjoy Mountain City’s annual Christmas concert. This year’s concert was named for the song Dave Powers wrote and performed, “It’s Christmas Time.”


The band kicked off the show with an engaging version of “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” inviting the audience to participate from the start. The crowd enjoyed the addition of extra musicians. A brass section joined them on several songs, including a bright and happy version of “White Christmas,” and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Colorado Christmas,” a favorite in the Front Range, was enhanced  by a mandolin player.

Reception for Dave and Tara and the band, and the Christmas-themed set list, was warm and enthusiastic. People lined up for nearly two hours following the concert to visit with band members, visit the merch tables and enjoy the festive atmosphere at The Armory. A parent of one of the band members was heard to say that Mountain City may have out-sang Ray Charles on Charles’s song, “That Spirit of Christmas” best known from the touching home-movies scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Many people credited the festivities with getting them into the “Christmas Spirit.” We caught up with a few of them to get their reaction to the evening. Here is what they had to say:

Alfonso and Desiree of Thornton, CO attended the concert and told us,

“We had a great time. Tara’s blessing was very impactful. We left with a renewed perspective for this Christmas season, choosing to live each moment of it with joy and gladness. We also loved how fun and relaxed it was. We laughed so much! Dave and Tara are perfect together. Truly a great show! We would definitely go to their next one and would be sure to bring some friends.”

Charles Beaver, a pastor in Henderson, CO brought his family. He said,

“We enjoyed the song selections. Especially…the classic Christmas hymns. It was spot on. The  subtle aroma of  potpourri, the recognition of [young entrepreneurs], and the [guest] artists was a great touch.

From small living rooms to much larger venues, Mountain City engages the audience, creating a rich and full experience for everyone. My 7 year old son had a wonderful time at this concert. He went home with a pair of cool white framed glasses, a fist full of glow sticks and a hula hoop…a hula hoop!”

Chelsie flew to Denver from Kansas City just to be at the concert. She shared,

No matter how many miles separate me from Denver, this city will always be home. Mountain City’s music connects me with this feeling…The memories and laughter of time spent together and the hope and anticipation for future gatherings can be felt in every note and harmony.

Mountain City’s annual December Christmas concert is the best way to start the holiday season and end the year together…I’m blown away that such selflessness and love can flow through two people. It can be seen through the thoughtfulness Dave and Tara show in involving the crowd, honoring the band and thanking supporters and fans.”

Emily S. of Brighton, CO told us,

“My heart and soul felt so full after the concert. I needed to just soak up the joy, splendor and magic that Christmas can bring. Every carefully planned detail ushered in the spirit of Christmas at #ItsChristmasTime. I found myself feeling like a child, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next magical moment. From the musical giftedness of Mountain City and friends, to the audience participation and elements engaging all 5 senses, the evening was exciting, sweet, tender and so, so fun.”

Dave and Tonia from Fort Lupton enjoyed a married date night out. Tonia said,

I’ve been resistant to allow myself to embrace the season. Things have been pretty tight financially for us, and Tara’s heartfelt message resonated with both Dave and me. I had forgotten how quickly music can change moods and reach you where you are broken.  

Our favorite part of the night was the Christmas hymn medley towards the end.  I was able to enter in with a heart of joy and awe and and left feeling refreshed and renewed and finally ready.  Mountain City’s Christmas concert helped me to get over myself and rest in the Spirit of Christmas, with both joy and reverence. Saturday night was truly a gift to us. It’s Christmas time!”

Joel F. of Brighton, CO said,

“Loved having the horn section and hearing Dave Beegle play! We’d pay for the higher priced seating again. It’s not Christmas without a Mountain City concert!”

A friend from Denver, Toyja, told us,

As always Dave and Tara put a smile on my face. The love, pure joy and little surprises made it a great show! Tara’s words about ‘living’ touched my heart and brought tears! I loved the new song [Being with You]…the cookies and balloons, and T-Rex antics, It was all a reminder of how the simple things matter so much.”

Marj from Brighton, CO said,

We enjoyed the variety of the music and all the fun, hoola-hoops, bubbles, balloons, dancers and dinosaurs. Loved being so close to see Dave Beegle’s hands when he played Joy. It was magnificent!”


Finally, one friend summarized the evening by saying,

Mountain City is more than a group of people that play amazing music. They are people who show what love, joy, honor and blessing others looks like.”

You should buy someone a love song for Christmas!

Enjoy this photo gallery with images by Kreutzer Photography


Upcoming Mountain City Events

From Dave Powers: “We play in a variety of different environments throughout the year, and some of our favorite events are house concerts! If you would like to have us come over and shred some love songs in 2017, we would love to chat with you about that! Contact Dave: He would LOVE to explore ideas with you!”  🙂


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