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(Denver, CO)  1930s elevator music was among the first available streaming media. But for years, listeners bought and owned music on vinyl records, tapes, CDs and even more recently, as Mp3s. There is a lot of spirited discussion these days about how to best support artists and whether you should buy (download) music, or just use a streaming service.

One thing is for certain, streaming is here to stay and MountainCity has made their music available for listening on all the major streaming sites.

Knowing that each MountainCity release can be purchased and downloaded very reasonably, we asked Dave Powers, one half of the MountainCity duo, why the band wouldn’t just rather focus on selling their music, rather than encouraging people to take advantage of the free streaming services.

“Many established artists are taking huge financial hits because the streaming platforms don’t pay a lot per stream,” Dave explained. “It’s understandable that they are frustrated by this, but for new bands, it’s nice to be paid because people are listening! So, we’re not grumpy about it at all!”

He went on to give us the low-down on how it works. “It’s another simple way to support us as a band, because, for instance, Spotify pays about half-a-cent per stream. This is obviously not a lot of money, but every bit helps for sure,” he told us.

Four ways to stream MountainCity Music

Streaming music is also great way to discover music you enjoy. Here are a few sites that have MountainCity music available for listening.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service developed by Apple, Inc. 3-month free trials are available. Start your trial HERE.


Deezer is an internet-based streaming media service out of the UK. They boast 43 million tracks. Subscribe to Deezer HERE.

Groove Music

Groove Music is a digital streaming service developed by Microsoft for Windows. You can listen to MountainCity HERE


Spotify is probably the most well-known and popular of the subscription-based streaming services. It has 100 million monthly active users, and as of March 2017, Spotify has 50 million paying subscribers for those who enjoy ad-free service.

MountainCity has more than 112,000 streams on their songs to date, on Spotify alone. The band has also assembled two playlists which fans may enjoy. Listen to MountainCity on Spotify HERE.

MountainCity Playlists on Spotify


We asked Dave how he hoped MountainCity would benefit from being streamed.

“As streams increase on platforms like Spotify, credibility with promoters and talent buyers for different venues and festivals increases for bands,” he told us. “When a promoter/talent buyer sees that a band or artist has 100,000 streams on a few of their songs, they are more willing to book them than a band that has 5k streams.”

MountainCity is happy to encourage fans to listen to their music for free, follow them on Spotify, enjoy their playlists and even create playlists of their own with MountainCity’s music. When MountainCity friends and fans stream their music, it can actually help the band get bookings.

“Ultimately, we want to get booked,” Dave reminds us, “because we want people to encounter love, peace, and community in fresh ways through our lives, art, and music!”     –Jeanie Rhoades



Dave would like to thank his new sponsor, LR Baggs

Dave says:

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