Ten Questions for MountainCity

(Denver, CO)  Just for fun, during these blazing-hot summer days, we asked Dave and Tara Powers, the singing/songwriting married duo behind MountainCity, to give us the insider scoop. These two are writing and performing some incredible songs about love and relationship. From where is all this loving language and artistic expression originating?

MountainCity’s Dave and Tara Powers

While they face the same challenges as any other married couple, and particularly any married couple who also work together, Dave and Tara seem to have a knack for finding the fun and warmth in their marriage, even after almost 14 years.  We gave them ten lighthearted questions to answer separately. Their responses may give us a clue on how they come up with those lyrics and beautiful melodies. Here is what they had to say:

OK, MountainCity, we’ll start with the really easy questions and go from there.

#1 What is your spouse’s favorite thing to do?

DAVE: Tara loves her some thrift store shopping!

TARA: He loves being with family and friends or meeting new people (Dave loves people). Also, he loves motorcycle rides with me.

#2 Where is your spouse’s favorite place to visit?

DAVE:  Nashville is growing on her…or Cozumel or just anywhere with a good, sunny beach.

TARA: Dave is happy in places with good food!

#3 What movie does your spouse love that you just cannot…?

DAVE: Fricken “The Family Stone.”  Ugh…

TARA: I can’t think of a particular movie but Dave laughs at anything redneck and just loves it.

#4 If you could go anywhere with your spouse, where would it be?

DAVE:  Bora Bora…buy the tickets, pack the bags, we’re gone.

TARA: Anywhere. I know that sounds corny but he makes every place the best place to be

#5 If your spouse becomes famous, what will he or she be?

DAVE: She will be who she already is…Humble, grateful, beautiful inside and out.

TARA: He already is famous!!! Dave is the best guitar player in the WORLD!!!

Dave and Tara Powers, MountainCity’s singing/songwriting married duo. Listen to their music HERE

#6 Alright, now let us dig a little deeper. What makes you most proud of your spouse?

DAVE:  Oh dear…Tara is courageous and thoughtful. She literally beams with light when she’s singing…

TARA: His love and care for me and our two sons.

Cover art by The Tentmakers  Listen or buy HERE

#7 What are the most defining songs in your love story – that you didn’t write?

BOTH: Come Away with Me, by Norah Jones!

TARA: It was our song while we were falling in love.

“I fell for you, baby, I’m still down for the count! When you’re singin’ in the morning, when you hardly make a sound. We’ve heard some great stories of love in the world, but without a single doubt in my mind, ours is my favorite!”  Listen or buy HERE

#8 What song lyric have you written that most represents you as a couple?

DAVE: Sheesh…that’s tough. “Ours is My Favorite,” maybe?

TARA: It’s Your name I have tattooed upon my skin,” from Hearts Collide. This line is literal for us because we actually do have each other’s names tattooed on our fingers. But it’s also figurative about our commitment to one another. There is no backing out or leaving for either of us.

“You’re my rescue, when my soul needs oxygen. The song you sing bring life into my lungs. You’re my cover, when my body feels so cold. It’s your name I have tattooed upon my skin.”  Listen or buy HERE

#9 Where will you be as an individual in 30 years? And as a couple?

DAVE: As an individual, I will be 66 years old, touring the world with my bride. It’s on our bucket list to go to every nation on earth. We’ll be crushing it, writing love songs, playing music, loving our sons and their families, loving on our own extended family members, laughing our butts off with our friends, and investing in future generations of creatives/leaders.

TARA: 30 years?! ? We’ll be growing old together, and living out our dreams, surrounded by our kids and grandkids.

Released January 1, 2017, MountainCity original, Growing Old with You  “I am growing old with you. There’s wrinkles ’round my eyes from all the laughter and the tears that you and I have cried…”      Listen or buy HERE

And finally (drum-roll, please), question #10, how does your spouse most inspire you?

TARA: By the way he dreams with people and for himself.

DAVE: Tara’s honesty and the way she cares for people inspires the heck out me!

Hot summer, cool couple. Try these questions out with your spouse on your next date night! #LoveDaily

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