Who Wants to Help Make Some MountainCity History?

(Denver, CO)  MountainCity, Colorado’s own husband-wife singing-songwriting duo, is about to observe a couple of exciting band benchmarks over the next few of weeks.

With the help of friends, family and fans, the MountainCity Facebook page will exceed 100,000 followers by December 1st at the present rate of growth. And, by the end of this week, MountainCity will hit one million, that’s 1,000,000, overall streams on Spotify!

Love song singers/writers, Dave and Tara Powers. AKA, MountainCity.

Quick look back

“Falling somewhere between a random accident, an organic progression and a romantic destiny, the Denver-based duo comprised of Dave and Tara Powers definitely stumbled upon a gem of an idea when they merged as musical partners in MountainCity.”  – from MountainCity’s official bio

Almost two years ago, now, in December of 2015, MountainCity became “official” as a band.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2016 (Kickstarter “helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality”), the newly-formed band secured the funds to begin recording and releasing one song each month for more than a year.

From the very beginning, Tara told us, it has been about the listeners. She talks about how because she and Dave had so much fun and found such deep life in singing love songs, they were compelled to focus on the fans who would be in their audiences.

“We’d think about the people who would be coming  to our concerts,” Tara explains, “and ask ourselves, ‘How can we pour life into them?’” Audiences responded by buying their singles, LIKING and FOLLOWING their posts on Facebook, streaming their music on Spotify and purchasing their favorites on the website.

It’s been a mutual admiration arrangement all along: MountainCity for their audiences, and their friends, family and fans supporting them, as MountainCity grows and settles into its’ unique love-song niche.

Here are two ways you can help MountainCity reach the next level of goals and have some fun doing it.

(1) Help the band hit a million streams on Spotify this week

By the end of this week, MountainCity is going to hit 1,000,000 streams overall on Spotify.

Spotify has always played a big role in how MountainCity gets their music out to the public.

“People create playlists,” Dave told us. “They go to Spotify and put all the songs they love together. That’s how they listen.”

The band has garnered a devoted following at the popular streaming site and been added to several featured playlists, by Spotify and several popular music curators.

Help MountainCity reach that one-million-streams mark this week by streaming their music on Spotify!

(2) LIKE and FOLLOW MountainCity on Facebook

MountainCity will exceed 100,000 followers before December 1, 2017 at the present rate. If you haven’t already, now is the time to LIKE and FOLLOW MountainCity on their Facebook page. It also helps when you LIKE and SHARE their posts on your own timeline. It’s like introducing your friends to a band you enjoy.

Any activity you do on the MountainCity Facebook page now will definitely help them break through to that 100K benchmark before December 1st.

You’ll be helping MountainCity make some exciting band history!

(posted by Jeanie Rhoades)


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