You asked for it: MountainCity to Release CD

(Brighton, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  MountainCity is releasing their first CD, “MountainCity Mixtape: Vol. 1”, on Saturday December 3, 2016 at their annual live Christmas concert at The Armory Performing Arts Center, in Brighton, Colorado.

While MountainCity has generously released each single via sites like Spotify for listening enjoyment, and made it easily accessible to download at iTunes, Amazon, or on the MountainCity website, they recognize that certain fans still have the desire to actually own the physical media.

For those who would like to own all of MountainCity’s music, Dave Powers suggests “the best way to purchase all of our songs digitally as a bundle is at” CDs will only be available for sale at live concerts.


The newest track from the CD has yet to be released. “Being with You,” will be officially released on December 3, 2016, coinciding with the CD release at the Christmas concert.

The CD will feature their very first single, “This is Love,” along with popular and fun-to-sing-with songs like, “Oh, Darling,'” and “Ours is My Favorite.”

The Elvis cover song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” as well as the recently released “Since You’ve Come Around,” are on the CD and they’ve included two especially engaging remixes.


“I Miss Your Sound,” featured on the CD, was extremely well-received by MountainCity fans who appreciate both the song and the story behind it. Dave and Tara wrote and dedicated the song to individuals and families who are facing loss and are missing the eating-breathing-daily sounds of their loved ones. They wrote the song to give language to that loss and to help give understanding for those who are trying to support friends who are grieving. Both the original and the remix are on the CD.

MountainCity Mixtape: Vol. 1


Why “Mixtape?”  The band chose the name to reflect the varied styles of music they write and perform. They call themselves an eclectic folk-pop band, but this singer-songwriter duo has recorded country, pop and even electronic with plenty of soul thrown in for good measure. They enjoy so many styles of music that mixtape seems to best embody their premier song collection. 

Get your CD at the Christmas Concert

It’s Christmas Time concert (sort of a Christmas Concert and a CD Release Party) will likely sell out, so buy your tickets now! It’s just two and a half weeks away!

xmastime mountaincity


Dave Powers  would like to thank his sponsor, Shubb Capos


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