You Can Host MOUNTAINCITY for a House Concert

You can be the coolest people on your block by hosting a MountainCity house concert for your friends and neighbors!

(Denver, CO)  Dave and Tara Powers, the husband and wife, singing/songwriting duo who are MountainCity, “tell love stories.” Through their recorded music and live performances, they sing love songs and create environments that “restore the soul.”

[You can read more about the band and the vibe they bring on the ABOUT page]

A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or backyard.”  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can invite MountainCity to sing in your backyard!

MountainCity House Concerts

House Concerts are a growing movement, experiencing a resurgence in popularity, especially among independent bands like MountainCity. The living room setting, which limits the size of the audience, is beneficial for both the band and those who come to listen.

In private home venues, Dave and Tara get the chance to meet new audiences and really connect with the crowd. In the relaxed setting, they can share stories and develop camaraderie with people who have gathered to hear their music, up close and personal.

“We plan to put a lot of our energy into House Concerts going forward,” Dave told us. “We have done a number of them and we love getting about 30-40 people into a room just to see what happens.”

MountainCity did a Christmas House Concert Series in 2017

House concerts can be as varied as the hosts and homes in which they take place. Some provide simple refreshments like appetizers and drinks, while others choose a big potluck meal among their friends to set the stage. Either way, hosting a house concert can be like running your own mini-venue, and pretty cool, too.

MountainCity has performed House Concerts just for the grown-ups. But their concerts are family-friendly and often include children, who get exposure to music and art while enjoying interaction with a live band and musicians in a way they might not otherwise get to experience until they are much older.

Click on video around 22:00 minutes to hear Dave talking about the song, Ours is My Favorite at a house concert not long ago

How to host MountainCity

If friends or fans of MountainCity are interested in hosting a private House Concert in the Denver metro, or along the Front Range of Colorado for select friends, you may reach them via the website CONTACT PAGE, or below. Be sure to include “House Concert” in your message.

MountainCity House Concerts and Upcoming Tours

MountainCity performs regularly in Colorado, where they are based, but this spring they will be on tour in a number of states, making it possible for them to do private home concerts along the way.

The band will be in Florida March 10-25, 2018.

For the month of April, MountainCity will travel extensively, with concert dates in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

An short tour in the Pacific Northwest is in the works for June 2018.

“If people want to book us for a house show or a private live-song concert somewhere in one of those states, they may click on our CONTACT page or shoot me an email directly at,” Dave said.



A MountainCity House Concert


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