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Q & A

A: A non-profit fundraiser, a marriage conference, and a private birthday party.

Q: What are three concerts MOUNTAINCITY recently performed all on one weekend?

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Dave would like to thank his sponsor, Grosh Guitars

What does Dave say about Grosh?

“Man, I love Grosh Guitars! I’ve had the privilege of being a part of their Family of Artists since 2010, and I’ll tell ya, I haven’t played on a better electric guitar in my life!

“The action is unbelievable, the craftsmanship and quality are untouchable. The hand-wound pickups are like a giant pile of butter (compliments of Dani Grosh), and Don Grosh, along with all the peeps on their team are GREAT people!

“I highly recommend you check out their AMAZING craftsmanship! These guitars are made in the U.S.A., which makes me very happy! If you want, you can click on this link and see who else is on the Grosh Family of Artists:”

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