MountainCity Now Booking House Concerts

(Denver, CO – Jeanie Rhoades)  Dave and Tara Powers, the husband and wife, singing/songwriting duo behind MountainCity, “tell love stories,” they say. Through their recorded music and live performances, they want to create environments that “restore the soul.”

MountainCity is continuing to release a new songs monthly (available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and wherever else you find good music), have some tours in the works and can be seen performing at area festivals and venues in concert. But they are also available to perform at private House Concerts.

While House Concerts might not yet be so common that many people have ever attended one, they have become popular enough for Wikipedia to have an entry that gives some explanation:

“A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or backyard.”  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“We plan to put a lot of our energy into House Concerts,” Dave told us. “We have done a number of them and we love getting about 30-40 people into a room just to see what happens.”

House concerts can be as varied as the hosts and homes in which they take place. Some provide simple refreshments like appetizers and drinks, while others choose a big potluck meal among their friends to set the stage.

MountainCity has performed House Concerts just for the grown-ups, but their concerts are family-friendly and often include children, who get exposure to music and art, up-close and personal, enjoying interaction with a live band and musicians in a way they might not otherwise get to experience until they are much older.

How to host MountainCity

If friends and fans of MountainCity are interested in hosting a private House Concert in the Denver metro, or along the Front Range of Colorado for select friends on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening, you may reach them via the website CONTACT PAGE, or below. Be sure to include “House Concert” in your message.

Be sure to watch Dave and Tara weekly on Facebook Live

Each Wednesday night, Dave and Tara do a half-hour, Facebook Live show (LIKE their MountainCity Facebook page to get notifications) at 7:30 pm, MST.  They sing, they share news and have special guests, sometimes. Get an insider’s glimpse of the fun that ensues when friends gather to enjoy good music together weekly on Wednesday nights.

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Contact MountainCity here to talk about how and when you can host a House Concert. You’ll be contacted shortly to explore all the possibilities!

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