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(Denver, CO – Jeanie Rhoades)  MountainCity’s recently released CD, MountainCity Mixtape: Vol. 1 is only available for purchase at the band’s live shows. However, if you’d like to listen to or download any of the music they have released this year, they have made it easy to do so.

Mixtape: Vol. 1 was released on December 3, 2016 at the Mountain City Christmas Concert #ItsChristmasTime

Five great ways to hear and buy MountainCity music:

You can hear most MountainCity releases where you stream or download any great music: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp and on Amazon.

For those who would like to own MountainCity’s music, Dave Powers suggests “The best way to purchase all of our songs digitally, as a bundle, is at”

Mixtape Vol. 1 CD cover

Songs included on the CD

Click on each title to learn more about the song.

  1. This is Love MountainCity’s very first single is a catchy “call and response” song that will have you singing the oh-oh-oh-ohs all day long!
  2. Ours is My Favorite “I fell for you, baby. I’m still down for the count.” This is Dave’s recounting of his favorite love story, his and Tara’s.
  3. Oh, Darling While the chorus of this bubbly song is an invitation for romance and adventure between lovers, the verses tell a little bit of Dave and Tara’s love story from her perspective.
  4. Being with You is MountainCity’s most recent release. This song of devotion and commitment has a fascinating story behind how it came to be written. CLICK HERE to read about it!
  5. Since You Came Around Even though it is usually Dave loving that country-song sound, Tara came up with this idea and Dave happily put the song he was working on on the back burner. She wrote a verse, then he wrote one and voila: a sweet, breezy song just made for dancing together in the kitchen – with a twist of country!
  6. I Miss Your Sound Because it’s often just the little things, this poignant song was written to help give language to those struggling with the loss of a loved one.
  7. Can’t Help Falling in Love Classic Elvis cover with the MountainCity spin.
  8. Oh, Darling (remix) The band actually released four versions of this song including this very cool, highly-dance-able version.
  9. I Miss Your Sound (remix) Very haunting, techno version of this beautiful song. CLICK HERE to watch a video of Dave and Tara telling the story and meaning of the song.


2016 has been an incredible year for MountainCity, thanks to our very special friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Kickstarter campaign a success. Extra Special THANK YOU to Mona Rosene / Mike & Robin Kinney / Judd & Eldeen Pickett / Daniel & Christina Miles / Lydia Kurniawan / Dobsy & Alex Hogg / Emily Carlson / Lani & Don Dolifka / Tom & Sara Walsh / Steve & Joyce Schafer / Matt Young / Justin & Autumn Williams / Simon & Clare Jones / Jim & Kelly Roos / Wayne Pyle / Hannah & Jake Weidmann / Osana, Cheryl & Danny Jackson / Linda Sue Head / Rebecca Pettigrew and Mike Binder at MGB Music! You are all incredible!!!  -DP

Dave Powers would also like to thank his sponsor, 64 Audio.

“We manufacture the finest custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) & universal-fit earphones (earbuds). Our high quality IEMs are handcrafted for musicians & audiophiles.”

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