MountainCity Releases New Single, “Since You’ve Come Around”

November 2, 2016 is a big day for singing duo Dave and Tara Powers and their band, MountainCity!

As announced previously, they are kicking off a series of weekly Facebook Live concerts from their home each Wednesday [click HERE to read more]. You can catch the live show at 7:30 pm MST on Facebook. Be sure to LIKE the MountainCity Music Facebook page to receive notifications for when they go live on your timeline.

Since You’ve Come Around 2:46

MountainCity’s latest single is also being released November 2nd!


“Time together, spent with you

You’re my song and my dream come true

Holding hands, baby, walking down the road

We’ll take one day at a time.” – Since You’ve Come Around

(DENVER – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Since You’ve Come Around, mixed by Mike Bender at MGB Music in Boulder, Colorado was conceived on one of Dave and Tara’s regularly scheduled song-writing days at home. Dave says he was in their home office and Tara was upstairs. He was feeling pretty pleased with a song idea he had been working on, his creative juices were flowing. He decided to go upstairs to see what Tara thought about it.

He checked with her first to see if she had any ideas happening and he says she rather sheepishly told him she had something, but wasn’t sure if it was any good or not.

“I shared this little fun and breezy ditty I was working on and Dave loved it right away, no doubt because there is a slight old-country-song feel to it,” Tara recounted. Dave is known to love country music.

“As soon as she started singing it, I put the song I was working on on the back burner,” Dave said.

According to Tara, they sat right down together, Dave with his guitar. He wrote his verse, and she wrote hers. “It was one of those fun songs that came together instantly and developed quickly. It’s sweet and simple and it’s great for a romantic dance in the living room.”

A couple of weeks later, they introduced the song to the band, and they really liked it as well. In fact, each time they play it live at a MountainCity concert, they end up extending the song instrumentally because it’s a fun one to play and gives the couples in the audience a chance to dance together.

Rhythmic, romantic and hopeful, this track showcases Dave and Tara’s playful, effortless harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. The song expresses an appreciation of life and the dance of a deep and settled love.

“Her song was way better,” Dave says of that writing day. “I love the simplicity of the song, and the fresh, breezy nature of it. It puts my soul at ease and I think Tara is a great songwriter!” 

“People come and people go

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow

But life’s been better since you’ve come around

And you have changed my sound.”

Fast FAQs on this single:

  • “Since You’ve Come Around” was written, arranged and produced by Dave and Tara Powers and is published by Ours is Our Favorite Music.
  • It was originally called “Changed My Sound,” but then Dave and Tara wrote “I Miss Your Sound” and decided they couldn’t have two songs with sound in the title. So they changed the name to “Since You’ve Come Around.”
  • Cover photo taken by Alicia Lewin Photography, artwork by Charles Ciepiel.
  • Tara Powers sang lead vocals and background vocals. Dave Powers sang lead vocals and played acoustic guitar.
  • Charles Ciepiel played keys. Nathan Phillips on bass. Jon Powers on drums. And Mike Binder added some auxiliary percussion.
  • Nathan and Jon both did their parts in one take.

Thanks to those who have made this release possible!

Thank you to all of our AMAZING family and friends that helped make our Kickstarter campaign a success, making this recording possible! / Extra Special THANK YOU to Mona Rosene / Mike & Robin Kinney / Judd & Eldeen Pickett / Daniel & Christina Miles / Lydia Kurniawan / Dobsy & Alex Hogg / Emily Carlson / Lani & Don Dolifka / Tom & Sara Walsh / Steve & Joyce Schafer / Matt Young / Justin & Autumn Williams / Simon & Clare Jones / Jim & Kelly Roos / Wayne Pyle / Hannah & Jake Weidmann / Osana, Cheryl & Danny Jackson / Linda Sue Head / Rebecca Pettigrew and Mike Binder at MGB Music! You are all incredible!!!  -DP

Dave Powers would like to thank his sponsors:

64 Audio, DG Custom Cables, Franklin Straps, Grosh Guitars, Chubb Capos, Stringjoy and Zenith Window Cleaning. Click images to visit their sites.

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