MOUNTAINCITY Lyrics: Since You’ve Come Around

Since You’ve Come Around

Tara Powers says this song is great for an impromptu dance in the living room.

“Rhythmic, romantic and hopeful, this track showcases Dave and Tara’s playful, effortless harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. The song expresses an appreciation of life and the dance of a deep and settled love.” [READ MORE HERE]

A little country, a little fun. [CLICK IMAGE to listen or purchase]

The song

Words, music, and arrangement: Tara and Dave Powers © 2015

The lyrics

Verse 1
Woke up this morning with a thought that ran right through my head.
Life is short and time is sweet, and I wanna spend it all with you!Verse 2
I sat alone so many days, I slept alone so many nights
I thought that love was nearly out of sight, but then you caught my eyeChorus
Won’t be here for very long so I’m gonna sing this in my song
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my soundBridge
Time together spent with you, you’re my song and my dream come true
Holdin’ hands baby, walkin’ down the road, we’ll take one day at a timeChorus 2
People come and people go, sometimes fast and sometimes slow
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my sound
Life’s been better since you’ve come around and you have changed my sound

some credits

released November 2, 2016
Tara Powers: Vocals, BGV’s and a LOAD of beautiful delicious-ness.
Dave Powers: Guitar, Vocals
Charles Ciepiel: Keys
Nathan Phillips: Bass Guitar
Jon Powers: Drums
Mike Binder: Auxiliary PercussionPhotography:
Alicia Lewin (
The artwork was a collaborative effort between Tara Powers, Dave Powers, and Charles Ciepiel! We had fun pulling it all together! If you’d like to check out Charles Ciepiel’s design firm, here’s the


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