They’ve been through Nebraska and are traveling through Iowa.

Next up: Michigan,  Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio. You can find their schedule HERE or HERE.

Family time in the RV


Here is what life on the road is looking like

Running off some steam in snowy Nebraska


A pretty good driver, as you can see.


Check them out on #BandsInTown or on the MOUNTAINCITY Facebook page.


Dave would like to thank his sponsor, LR Baggs

Dave raves:

“Ohhhh man…these pickups…where do I start?

“I have LR Baggs Anthem pickups in pretty much every acoustic guitar that I play live. They are MINDBLOWING! I also have a Session DI and when you mix that with the Anthem it’s other-worldly!

Without a doubt, these are the finest sounding pickups that I’ve EVER played or heard, hands down!

I’m sitting here writing about them and all I want to do is stop writing and go play my McPherson with the LR Baggs Anthem pickup in it! It is a great privilege for me to be a part of the LR Baggs Family of Artists, and I absolutely encourage you to try them out!”
Read more about the MOUNTAINCITY – LR Baggs love, HERE.

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