MOUNTAINCITY’s Kids Talk Touring

Dave and Tara’s sons are along for the fun on The Date Night Tour.

(Kansas City, MO)  Dave and Tara Powers, known as MOUNTAINCITY,  are winding up their 14-state spring tour. For the past month they have been on the “tour bus,” an RV serving as their home away from home. Their sons, 13-year old Hunter, and Kai, who is 5, got to go along to experience life on the road.

The Date Night Tour, MountainCity

The tour, according to Hunter and Kai:

On living temporarily in a house on wheels

Hunter:  “It’s been pretty fun living in the RV, actually. We haven’t spent all of our time in the RV, but it has been quite a lot. But it’s way better than riding in a car, all cramped up. Plus, I like having my friends on tour, too.

Oh wait – there is one thing – it’s super bumpy. The bumpiness is so annoying – it makes my writing look like a two-year old did it, when I’m trying to do school work.”

Kai: Kai’s mommy tells us,  he l-o-v-e-s the RV and never wants to leave or get off of it.

She says he wants to sleep in it every night and cries when he can’t. He commandeered the upper bunk, which he likes  very much!

Behind the Scenes: Kai with his mommy and daddy

On meeting interesting people

Hunter: “I’ve met so many people on this trip, a lot of people. I don’t know where to start because we met so many.

One family was really cool. They had 60-acre land and a barn with a gym in it, with hoops and an arcade. We got to play hide and seek on the property and go out in their dune buggy. That was cool.”

On what they did during concerts

Hunter: Well, I always know the MOUNTAINCITY songs because when my parents write a new song, they play it a lot. But now I have really memorized all the MOUNTAINCITY songs!

At each concert, I set up a Glasses and Glowsticks merchandise table. And my parents had me come up and talk about my business at all the shows. But while the concerts were happening, I would go in the back room and help watch Kai and hang with my buddies.”

Any challenges on the road?

Hunter: “Wi-fi! It’s a problem because lots of my school is on the internet and we just haven’t had wi-fi all the time. I think I’ll have to do some catching up when we get back. But it shouldn’t be too bad.”

READ ABOUT Hunter Powers’ Glasses and Glowsticks business HERE

High points?

Hunter: “I caught a fish in Oklahoma. And the tour has gone really fast. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Kai: The indoor trampoline park in Nashville.

Fishing in Oklahoma

If you’re in the Kansas City area, you can catch the final public concert of The Date Night Tour. Encore at The Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, MO



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