Repost: MOUNTAINCITY’s Dave Powers and His Dream Banjo!

August was an exciting and busy month for MOUNTAINCITY

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Denver, CO)  Dave Powers, MOUNTAINCITY’s talented lead guitarist, has been wanting a banjo for awhile. Tara, the other half of MOUNTAINCITY, recently helped make his dream come true.

Deering, The Great American Banjo Company

“For the last 10 years,” Dave said, “it’s been on my bucket list to have a Deering banjo, specifically their Phoenix model. It’s a 6-string banjo with pickups and it’s amazing! I’m pretty sure it’s the same 6-string banjo that Keith Urban uses when he plays in live settings.”

Dave is a known Keith Urban fan. MOUNTAINCITY released a cover of Keith Urban’s Somebody Like you earlier this year (listen or purchase HERE).


Somebody Like You released, read more…

“The first time I saw one, I started salivating…seriously.” Dave stops to remember. “I think I did actually start drooling.”

Dave says it was on his bucket list to be a part of the Deering Family of Artists. A few weeks ago, he heard from a member of the Deering staff who extended him the privilege of joining the Deering Family of Artists. He playfully recounts that he almost passed out because of the joy and gratitude he felt.

The Phoenix

Dave was still dreaming of getting a Phoenix Banjo from Deering. He and Tara had decided to exercise patience and save up a little more before ordering the banjo.

“I’ve heard an ancient proverb that says, ‘If you let patience complete its work in you, you’ll need nothing,’ Dave says. “Oh man, patience is a difficult thing to let shape you. But I dug into the process.”  However, Tara decided to surprise him.

“On our 14th wedding anniversary, I walked into our room to find Tara holding a Phoenix,” Dave said.


“S.P.E.E.C.H.L.E.S.S. #WhatAWoman”  -Dave Powers

It turns out, Tara and the Deering staff had been secretly scheming and figured out a way to send the banjo without Dave knowing it was coming.

Dave picked it up and started “shredding” immediately.

“This thing almost plays itself, he says. “I am blown away by the excellent craftsmanship!”

Deering Banjo Co. mission statement: To champion the banjo and inspire creativity around the globe by supplying the best quality, American made banjos available to players of all abilities.  

Through the years, Deering has hand made well over 100,000 banjos. Their website says, “Our focus and passion is to create great banjos that enable you as an artist to enjoy expressing yourself and your music.”

Dave cannot say enough to recommend these banjos. “If you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate, or pro-level banjo (clawhammer, 5-string, 6-string, etc), consider Deering! You won’t be sorry you did!”

-Jeanie Rhoades

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