MountainCity’s Christmas Concert is Next Week!

The countdown to the MountainCity annual Christmas Concert is on!

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(Brighton, CO – posted by Jeanie Rhoades)  Just days away now, MountainCity’s annual Christmas concert is in final production countdown as the band puts finishing touches on the music and readies special surprises for the audience. The concert is on December 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm at The Armory Performing Arts Center in Brighton, Colorado. Doors open at 6:00 pm.


A look back at last year’s show with guests, Tyree Morris and HOW

A sold-out crowd is expected again this year, but there are currently still tickets available online at  General admission tickets are $15, with children 5 years and under free. If there are any seats left the night of the concert, tickets will be $20 at the door.

MountainCity is excited to welcome the inimitable Dave Beegle as their special guest. There will be concessions available, including coffee for purchase in the lobby, as well as men’s and women’s MountainCity t-shirts for sale at $15 each.

While Dave and Tara won’t give away all the secrets for what to expect, they do plan to surprise all the senses. And there will be milk and cookies after the concert.

Of special note this year, MountainCity’s first CD, Mixtape Vol.1,  will be available for sale at the concert for the first time ever. Attenders will enjoy kicking off the Christmas season with a great Christmas concert and be part of the CD release celebration!


People who have attended a MountainCity show before have these great things to say:

“I love that you do some songs with the whole band and do some alone. And I love that you are so personal!” – E.A., Erie, CO

“I love that there are always surprises and special guests.” – C.W., Washington DC

And finally C.F. of Kansas City, MO says, “I love feeling the hospitality at your concerts. You are so welcoming to all! It’s always a fun family reunion.”

Read more about the Christmas concert HERE. Hope to see you there!


Lyrics to It’s Christmas Time, written by Dave Powers

SONG TRIVIA, have some fun with us! Can you count how many musical artists are included in this song? Music and Christmas go together for Dave and Tara Powers! See answer below.*

When Amy and Vince tell about their grown-up Christmas list

And Whitney blows your mind in, “Oh Holy Night”

Ray starts singin’ and Kenny’s horn starts ringing’

I realize – it’s Christmas time.


When Harry and Michael start to croon those classic Christmas tunes

And Chipmunks harmonize about a missin’ tooth

Brad starts strummin’ all by blues fly away

I realize it’s Christmas time.


The sights, the sounds, the lights on the trees

These are a few of my favorite things


Kenny and Dolly, and don’t forget John Denver

Elvis and Garth singin’ songs we all remember

Celine and Andre doing their prayer duet

Bing and Nat help us never to forget

That it’s Christmas time!


When our boys change the words to good ol’ Jingle Bells

Batman smells and Robin’s layin’ eggs

Tara sings, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on the stage

I realize, it’s Christmas time.” ©

It really is!


Dave Powers would like to thank his sponsor, DG Custom Cables and invites you to visit their website. Click on the logo below.



*Did you guess 21? That’s what we got when we counted the Chipmunks as one artist, but also included their boys singing “Jingle Bells.” Now – how many specific songs do you see referenced? 🙂

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